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 Qualis Hiring the Best

Qualis Design Corporation is Hiring


        A Great Mind
        A Great Heart

I am looking for only the best engineers to round out Qualis'
world class core team in Beaverton, Oregon.  If you're a
design savvy ASIC or FPGA design engineer who values a great
quality of life as much as you value cutting-edge design work,
we should talk.

Please email or fax your resume to me, or call me directly and
we can talk about why joining Qualis Design may be the best move
you could ever make.

Hiring is personal.  Please, no headhunters.

Kevin W. Clarke                 Phone:  (503) 644-9700
VP, Consulting Services         Fax:    (503) 643-1583

Mon, 08 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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