Carry Lookahead Adder / manchester carry 
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 Carry Lookahead Adder / manchester carry

Hello I am trying to undestand the operation of say a 4 bit carry look ahead
and trying my
best to relate the difference to a 4 bit ripple carry adder. Now from what I
is we introdue the carry generate where a carry is generated if the inputs
are high, but I don't
understand the propagate feature. propagate is high when the carry in is
high? can someone
shed some light on this simple concept for which I can't find a suitable
explanation, in any of the
books referenced to date.

Manchester carry chain relates to this same generate and propagate terms,
and what does
it mean to prechage and dischage the nodes using the CLK? I think this
precharge and discharge
feature basically explains how this carry chain operates?



Wed, 15 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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