VIUF Fall 1998 Call for Topics 
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 VIUF Fall 1998 Call for Topics

VIUF International Users' Forum (VIUF)
                              Fall 1998

                           CALL FOR TOPICS

                 "Idea Factory: VHDL for Power Users"

Over the past ten years, the EDA Industry has seen VHDL and some of
its satellite standards evolve from infancy to maturity.  The VHDL
International Users' Forum (VIUF) has contributed significantly toward
the introduction of VHDL and its companion standards to the user
community.  However, feedback from users has indicated that VIUF must
do more to address the needs of the "experienced" user.  In light of
this, the Steering Committee for VIUF Fall 1998 has chosen to devote
the majority of its focus to the needs of experienced users and the
practical, real-world applications of VHDL.  (Of course, we promise
not to forget the novice user in our plans, so don't worry if you're
just getting started using VHDL.)

The format of the Fall Forum is also changing, i.e., in addition to
providing a forum for instruction and presentation of the latest
information available concerning the practical application of VHDL,
the Steering Committee is working on a format for VIUF Fall 1998 that
will promote information interchange among the attendees.  We also
hope to offer you more, in a tangible sense, than just a copy fo the
"Proceedings" to take home with you.  However, in order to better meet
your needs, we need your help.  In short, we need to know which topics
related to VHDL and its companion standards are of the greatest
interest to you.

The VIUF Fall 1998 Steering Committee invites you to submit one or
more topics that are of interest to you and/or your colleagues.
Please send your suggestions to the Program Chair, Peter Ashenden, via
electronic mail to:

or by regular mail to:

        Peter Ashenden
        Dept ECECS, PO Box 210030
        University of Cincinnati
        Cincinnati, OH 45221-0030

        Phone: (513) 556 4756
        Fax:   (513) 556 7326

Submit your suggestions by no later than December 1, 1997.

Subsequent to receiving your suggestions, the official "Call for
Participation" will be distributed later this year.  This is your
forum, so please assist us in serving you better by offering your
suggestions.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Mon, 17 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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