The PARALLEL Processing Connection - What Is It? 
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 The PARALLEL Processing Connection - What Is It?

The PARALLEL Processing Connection is an entrepreneurial association;
we mean to assist our members in spawning very successful new
businesses involving parallel processing.

Our meetings take place on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM
at Sun Microsystems at 901 South San Antonio Road in Palo Alto,
California. Southbound travelers exit 101 at San Antonio; northbound
attendees also exit at San Antonio and take the overpass to the other
side of 101. There is a $12  visitor fee for non- members and members
($65 per year) are admitted free. Our phone number is (408) 732-9869
for a recorded message about upcoming meetings; recordings are available
for those who can't attend - please inquire.

Since the PPC was formed in late 1989 many people have sampled it,
found it to be very valuable, and even understand what we're up to.
Nonetheless, certain questions persist. Now, in our seventh year of
operation, perhaps we can and should clarify some of the issues. For

Q.  What is PPC's raison d'etre?
A.  The PARALLEL Processing Connection is an entrepreneurial
organization intent on facilitating the emergence of new businesses.
PPC does not become an active member of any such new entities, ie:
is not itself a profit center.

Q.  The issue of 'why' is perhaps the most perplexing. After all, a
$65 annual membership fee is essentially free and how can anything
be free in 1996? What's the payoff? For whom?
A.  That's actually the easiest question of all. Those of us who are
active members hope to be a part of new companies that get spun
off; the payoff is for all of us -- this is an easy win-win! Since
nothing else exists to facilitate hands-on entrepreneurship, we
decided to put it together ourselves.

Q.  How can PPC assist its members?
A.  PPC is a large technically credible organization. We have close
to 100 paid members and a large group of less regular visitors; we
mail to approximately 400 engineers and scientists (primarily in
Silicon Valley). Major companies need to maintain visibility in the
community and connection with it; that makes us an important
conduit. PPC's strategy is to trade on that value by collaborating
with important companies for the benefit of its members. Thus, as
an organization, we have been able to obtain donated hardware,
software, and training and we've put together a small development
lab for hands-on use of members at our Sunnyvale office. Further,
we've been able to negotiate discounts on seminars and
hardware/software purchases by members. Most important,
alliances such as we described give us an inside opportunity to

Q.  As an attendee, what should I do to enhance my opportunities?
A.  Participate, participate, participate. Many important industry
principals and capital people are in our audience looking for the

For further information contact:

Director - Strategic Alliances and Partnering                  408 732-9869
PARALLEL Processing Connection

Mktg. Director
Minute-Tape International Corporation

Tue, 02 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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