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 PC CAE Recommendations for CPLD/FPGA Design - cadquiz.txt (1/1)

sorry about my previous posting! here's the text of the message below:

I'm looking at what is required for setting up PC-based CAE
solutions for a small to mid size company that is doing
FPGA/CPLD designs. Our requirements are:

*    Support of VHDL/ABEL and schematic based designs
*    Simulation
*    Layout
*    Support of preliminary design type activities, such as
     timing diagrams, state diagrams, etc
*    Must run on a PC running 3.1 or NT
*    Integrated tool set (ideally)
*    ATPG vector development

Those of you that have developed similar systems in your
engineering environment, I'd appreciate your inputs on:

*    what you are currently using
*    what did and did not work well
*    what are areas that you found un-addressed in your
     present configuration
*    how was the vendor support?

Thank you.

Mon, 02 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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