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This is a monthly posting to comp.lang.vhdl
Please send additional information directly to the editor:

Last edited: august, 1993 (Thanks for all updates and corrections)

Corrections and suggestions are appreciated. If I lost some, please forgive
me and send it to me again.

This product list is never up to date it seems - please help to update it.
This list is without any guarantee to be complete or correct. It is included
to enable contacts to vendors. It does not contain version, quality or price
information.  (Please accept, that actually this information changes to fast
-too much work to keep such information up to date, but if there is a
volunteer willing to take this part...:-).
If some kind of judgement is included ('specialist' for example) it's not my
personal opinion but a remark from the vendor himself.

In the european VHDL newsletter I found a list of products not included in
this list - possibly someone can give more information to include it in this
list? At least I'm missing adresses. They are:
product         who     what
Amical          INPG    synthesis
                Bull    formal verification
Prevail         ARTEMIS formal verification
                IKOS    grph. interface & simulation
TransGATE       TransEDA synthesis/optimisation

********************* Special products and PD stuff ***********************
VHDL Validation Suite                 Oct 15th, 1990
  The  VHDL  Validation Suite, which was developed at Va. Tech
  with  funding  provided  by  CAD  Language   Systems   Inc.,
  Daisy/Cadnetix,   Genrad,  MCC,  Silicon  Compiler  Systems,
  Vantage Analysis, and Zycad is now ready for public release.
  The suite contains 2295 tests which cover 100% of  the  1865
  test  points defined for the VHDL Language Reference Manual.
  The suite is free to universities.   Companies  and  govern-
  mental  agencies  are required to pay a fee of $2000 for the
  suite. The funds from these fees will be  deposited  in  the
  VHDL  Suite  Foundation account and will be used to maintain
  and improve the suite.
  The suite is written in: 1) TAR format on Sun/Appollo  cartridges,
  or 2) DEC VMS BACKUP format on TK50 cartridges.
  To obtain a copy of the suite send :1) ei-
  ther a TK 50 (specify whether you want TAR or BACKUP format)
  or Sun/Appollo cartridge and 2) a check  (not  required  for
  universities) for $2000, made out to VHDL Suite, to:
         Professor J. R. Armstrong
         Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering
         {*filter*}ia Tech
         Blacksburg, VA. 24061
  If you have questions, contact Dr. Armstrong at 703-231-4723
  (phone),   703-231-3362   (FAX)   or   by   email   sent  to

Proposed IEEE VHDL Standard Logic System: available via anonymous ftp
from bears.ece.ucsb.edu. The file is now called std_logic_1164.vhdl.
Ignore zero length file comp.lang.vhdl (internal remarker).
The correct path is now /pub/VHDL/comp.lang.vhdl
There is an automatic service that will mail the contents on request: Find

A Public Domain VHDL Parser/Generator written in Prolog
is available via anonymous FTP from the Microelectronics
Center of North Carolina (MCNC.ORG). Look for vhdl.tar.Z in /pub
For a more up-to-date version of this software (including
bug fixes, a graphical editor and logic synthesis modules),
contact Peter Reintjes at Quintus Corporation:
NEW email adresses!!:

Readers comment: This seems to be mcnc.mcnc.org. I successfully ftp'd into
the site

A vhdl program has been developed which reads a
subset of the VHDL language and allows structural
descriptions to be elaborated and converted into
misc netlist formats. Currently supported are
1) EDIF 2 0 0 : edif netlist is generated for use with cadence ic layout
tools, specifically place and route. Attributes are used to store tool
dependent informationa
2) VHDL : VHDL is read in and a simplified VHDL structural netlist
(flattened, only BIT types) is output. This is used to create vhdl
description for program using a smaller VHDL subset.
3) XILINX XNF format :
4) SILOS netlist     : under development
Some simulation capabilities are available in this program.
Currently only enough to allow simulation of standard cells
in a structural description. This will soon be extended.
This program is still in an early form, and contains plenty of bugs.
To obtain a copy : anonymous ftp to ftp.ee.umanitoba.ca (
change directory to  vhdl, file vhdl_1_1_3.tar.Z contains vhdl program

University of Manitoba, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

Package for "Analog and Mixed Analog-Digital Design Using VHDL", written by
Bernt Arbegard, Radiosystems Sweden AB. By anonymous ftp from swedish
institute of microelectronics: ftp.inmic.se ( in dircetory

A VAL/VHDL to VHDL translator: available via anonymous ftp from
wilbur.stanford.edu [] in the directory /pub/val.  Both
source code and binaries are available.  It is written in Ada, and
includes a full VHDL parser, with extensions for VAL.  Binaries are
available for Sequent Symmetry, Sun3, and Sun4.  Contact: Larry M.

An EXPRESS Information Model of VHDL is now available by
anonymous FTP from edif.cs.man.ac.uk (yes I did say EDIF!) as the file
This report was produced by Cristian Giumale as part of
the University of Manchester's contribution to the
European CAD Integration Project (ECIP -- ESPRIT 2072, funded
by the CEC) work-package 1.
distributed for review and comments.
Please send any comments/questions to the EDIF Technical Centres

ALLIANCE 1.1 is a complete set of CAD tools for teaching Digital
CMOS VLSI Design in Universities. It includes VHDL compiler and simulator,
logic synthesis tools, automatic place and route, etc...  ALLIANCE is the
result of a ten years effort at University Pierre et Marie
Curie (PARIS VI, France).The complete ALLIANCE CAD Framework is available by
anonymous FTP
at: ftp-masi.ibp.fr  in the /pub/cao-vlsi/alliance
ftp.ibp.fr               in the /ibp/softs/masi/alliance
ALLIANCE allows VLSI designers to:
                - capture and simulate VHDL behavi{*filter*}views.
                - capture and validate structural views.
                - produce physical layout.
                - verify layout (DRC).
                - check layout against structural (logical/extracted)
                and behavi{*filter*}(formal proof) views.
for more info see ALLIANCE.README at the distribution sites

A VHDL grammar and frontend based on the compiler toolbox CCTB
of GMD of the University of Karlsruhe. Available at:
  ftp.cs.utwente.nl pub/src/VHDL/Grammar and pub/src/VHDL/FrontEnd
Note that the status of both topics is quite different: the grammar
is a (more or less) finished product, the frontend certainly not.

I don't know if the following tools are PD or not, but they are accessible
    uceng: :there is a grammar suited for lex, but no actions
associated.  There is also a validation suite.
(anonymous FTP on uceng.uc.edu)

******************* Companies and their products ************************
Ascent Technology, Inc.
Readers Note: name changed; now VLT
2075 North Capitol Avenue, Suite C
San Jose, CA 95132
phone:  (408) 945-6635, fax:    (408) 946-0922
contact: Rindert Schutten
 MetaView : basic design environment to be customized
 VHDL/DA :  Design Assistant (VHDL/DA) : MetaView based environment
           for design management, structure editing, browsing, state
           machine editing, architecture editing source code
           transformation ( for synthesis )
CAD Language Systems, Inc.
 5457 Twin Knolls Road, Suite 101
 Columbia, MD 21045
 Phone: (410) 992-5700
 Fax:   (410) 992-3536

 Shunsuke Miyakushi
 Bussan Electronic Systems Technology, Inc.
 Sanseido Building
 4-15-3 Nishi-Shin-Juku
 Shin Juku-Ku, Tokyo /60, Japan
 Phone: +81 3 3374 1161
 Fax:   +81 3 3374 9450
 (Please contact USA)
 VTIP    - VHDL Tool Integration Platform: this is a VHDL analyzer,
           a VHDL generator, and an intermediate form database with
           a procedural interface. Full 1076-1987.
 RVCG    - Retargetable VHDL Code Generator: generates C code for
           use in VHDL simulation using the VTIP. Allows integration of
           VHDL simulation with existing (or new) simulators.
 VMT     - VHDL Modelling Tool: a compiled code simulation system based
           on the RVCG, high-performance kernel, and Motif interface.
 VFormal - Formally verifies the equivalence or non-equivalence
           of VHDL designs with respect to their specifications.
 A program for training, university&research program
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
HDL Design Group
270 Billerica Road
Chelmsford MA 01824
555 River Oaks Pkwy.
San Jose, Calif. 951134
Eileen Elam (Public relations representative)
(408) 943-1234
Mr. Grothe
phone: 02236 68051
  Leapfrog   - Full IEEE 1076 Simulation Environment Using Native Compiled Code
  Synergy    - VHDL and Verilog Logic Synthesis and Optimization
  Verilog-XL - Verilog HDL and accelerated gate simulator
Valid (part of CADENCE now)
2820 Orchard Pkwy.
San Jose, Calif. 95134
phone: 089/710050
 compiler, simulator
 Now sells Intermetrics tools
Cascade Design Automation
3650 131st Av. SE #650
Bellevue WA 98006
(206) 643-0200

EPOCH/VHDL -- Physical design tools which accept VHDL input and generate
VHDL gate-level output with accurate timing.  Includes a library of models
for standard-cells and parameterized components such as memories and datapath
elements.  Also accepts input from Verilog and several schematic entry
platforms.  Gate-level VHDL output can be generated regardless of where the
input came from.  Allows VHDL to be mixed with schematics or Verilog.  A
Synopsys Design Compiler interface is also available.
Computer General Electronic Design Ltd.
Readers comment: ceased trading in August 1992 (I used to work for them).
 Contact: Arthur Burnley, Sales Manager
 Computer General Electronic Design Ltd
 5 Greenways Business Park
 Bellinger Close
 SN15 1BN
 phone:+44 249 445566  Fax:+44 249 445595

Specialists in VHDL design, synthesis, simulation and test.
Products/services include:
- VHDL Design Station.  Design capture, synthesis, simulation workstation
          including: ECS Schematic capture, LOCAM synthesis, CLSI VHDL
          kit.  Basic configuration inc. SparcStation costs UK L19,950.
-       CLSI's VHDL Modelling Kit (distributor), low cost, interactive, VHDL
          compiler and simulator
- LOCAM including VSyn, fast, memory efficient synthesis for structural, d
          and behavi{*filter*}VHDL
-       OPTIMA, retiming synthesis tool, which adds/removes pipelining and
          dramatically improves the results of logic synthesis for area,
and power
-       Panther Test synthesis which may be integrated in synthesis flow
          from VHDL
-       The ELLA HDL/ASIC design environment / behavioural simulator
-       ELLA -> VHDL translator
-       VHDL and ASIC Design Services
Cypress Semiconductor
Contact: Mark Aaldering
3901 N. First St.
San Jose, CA  95134
Phone: (408) 943-2823
Fax  : (408) 943-2741

- Information is also available from any of our sales offices Worldwide -
Warp2: Warp2 is a state-of-the-art VHDL compiler for designing with
Cypress PROMs and PLDs.  Warp2 utilizes a proper subset
of IEEE 1076 VHDL as its Hardware Description Language (HDL) for its design
entry. Warp2 accepts VHDL input, synthesizes and optimizes the entered
design, and outputs an industry standard JEDEC map for the desired device.
This JEDEC file may then be simulated with the Cypress NOVA simulator
(included in Warp2).
Warp2 is available on PC(Windows) and Sun platforms.
    DAZIX, An Intergraph Company (attention: new name and address)
200 Caspian Drive
Sunnyvale, CA  94088
contact: Michael Yang
Phone: (415)691-9680  Fax: (408)747-7854
Germany: Cologne (49)221 89 1038
         Munich (49)89 92 69 060
         Stuttgart (49)711 728 9078
France:  Paris (33)1-4537 7100
United Kingdom: Newbury (44)635 550 455
Italy:   Milano (39)39 637 251
Netherlands: Breda (31)76 71 5200
Sweden:  Sollentuna (46)8-920740
Norway:  Billingstadsletta (47)2-84 82 40
Finland: Espoo (358)0-455-4744
Spain:   Madrid (34)1-372-8017
Switzerland: Urdorf (41)1734 1920
Japan:   Tokyo (81)3 345 77 501
Korea:   Seoul (82)2 738 7441
Hong Kong: Wanchai (852)866 1966
Singapore: (65)73 452 88
VHDL Design System: IEEE VHDL 1076/87 compliant VHDL design and simulation
environment with syntax-driven editor, source-level de{*filter*}, and waveform
VHDL Export System: IEEE VHDL 1076/87 compliant VHDL source code generation
tool from existing schematic and libraries for DoD required documentation.
Data I/O Corporation
10525 Willows Road NE
P.O. Box 97046
Redmond, WA   98073-9746
(206) 881-6444
VHDL-Direct:  VHDL synthesis for PLDs and FPGAs.  Accepts 1076/87 VHDL
and synthesizes logic optimized for PLD and FPGA implementation.
Supports broad range of VHDL descriptions (structural, dataflow and
behavioral).  Available on the PC platform.  Integrated with ABEL design
environment; allows VHDL designs to be simulated using ABEL functional
test vectors. Can be used with ECS schematic for mixed VHDL and schematic
design entry. Supports wide variety of programmable architectures ranging
from simple PAL devices up to complex PLDs and FPGAs.
22 Third Av.
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel. 617 272-8090
Fax. 617 272-8035
 EXPRESSV-HDL, a graphical behavi{*filter*}modeling tool allows
 hardware engineers to design with the precise graphical language of
 STATECHARTS- a powerful extension of state transition diagrams.
 Designers can create behavi{*filter*}and functional models of
 circuits, analyze the design using the simulation and dynamic
 analysis capabilities proving that the design is correct before
 code generation. EXPRESSV-HDL then automatically generates
 VHDL and VERILOG from the models both of which are fully compatable
 with industry leading HDL simulation and synthesis tools.
  Eli Sterheim,
  interHDL inc.
  (408) 749-8775

  interHDL has a translator from Verilog to VHDL
   Phone: (703) 827-2606
   FAX:   (703) 827-2609
   Addr:  7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 710
          McLean, VA  22102
 VHDL Design Environment        simulation system SUN/DEC
 University Program
Readers note:  no longer has any commercial VHDL tools for sale
Interpretive Systems
  1270 Oakmead Pkwy
  #209, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
  Tel (408) 749-8775
    Verilog to VHDL compiler
  Institute for Technology Development
  Advanced MicroElectronics Division
  Office Adress:
    1080 River Oaks Drive
    Suite A-250
    Jackson, MS 39208
  contact: Dan Johnson (VHDL modeling group manager)
  phone: (601) 932-7620, fax: (601) 932-7621

  Post Office Box Address:
    Advanced Microelectronics
    P.O. Box 55729
    Jackson, MS  39296-5729
  Corporate Office Phone Number: (601) 960-3600
  Note: Use the corporate office phone to leave messages if the phones have
      not been connected at River Oaks.
  package of basic gates, conforms to the EIA Commercial Component
  Model Specifications (EIQ-567) and the VHD Data Item Description
  (DIEGDS-80811).  All models include a test bench compliant to the
  Waveform and Vector Exchange Specifications (WAVES PAR 1029.1/D1).
  Back annotation is supported in the timing module.
  SSI model library to be released in July (1991)

  with your real mail address; they will send you a license agreement.
  provides contract VHDL modeling services
Logic Automation
new name: Logic Modelling Corp.
Farley Hall
London Road
Bracknell, Berks RG12 5EU, UNITED KINGDOM
phone: +1 503-690-6900, FAX +44 344 863990
 library of models,
LSI Logic Corporation

phone +1 408 433-8000 in US 800-441-3117,   FAX (408) 433-6802
Silicon 1076:  VHDL development environment, includes the Vantage simulator
and the Synopsys logic synthesizer. Also a high level synthesis module
called Explorer(scheduling binding and allocationfor behavi{*filter*}code).
links to LSI's MDE environment.
3500 West Balcones Center Dr.
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: +1 (512) 338 3794
Model Technology Incorporated
15455 N.W. Greenbrier Parkway, Suite 240
Beaverton, OR 97006 USA
Phone: +1 (503) 690-6838, FAX: +1 (503) 690-2093,

Products: Complete VHDL Compiler/Simulator/Source level de{*filter*}
    V-System/Windows  Runs on 4Mbyte 286/386/486 systems with Windows 3.0
        V-System/Workstation now available for SPARC, HP 700 and IBM RS/6000.
    V-System/SPARC Requires SunOS 4.1 and Open Windows Version 2.0 or later
    a demo Version for MS-Windows available (full about 6000,- german marks)
All shipping now, supporting full IEEE 1076-1987 VHDL standard compliant.
Mentor Graphics
8005 S.W. Boeckman Road
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-7777

phone: 503-685-7000, FAX 503-685-1268
Duesseldorf Sales Office
phone: 0211/591011
Fully integrated compiler/simulator/de{*filter*} design development system:
  System-1076 - QuickSim-II based VHDL.  Source-level de{*filter*}, supporting
                 VHDL concurrent events.  Integrated in the Concurrent  
                 Design(TM) environment - available now.
  VHDLsim - Explorer Lsim based VHDL.  Focused on IC design, VHDLsim is
             integrated within the GDT design environment, and
             supports the use of VHDL models with analog and M models in
             the same design.  Available in Q3 1992  
AutoLogic VHDL - VHDL synthesis
VHDLNet - netlist schematics into VHDL structural description
Design Architect - VHDL oriented text editor (and schematic editor)
Pittsburgh University of [PD/SW?]
Prof. Steven Levitan,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
348 Benedum Engineering Hall
Univ. of Pitsburgh, 15261

see anonymous ftp: ee.pitt.edu ( in pub/vhdl-info for files
README, letter.txt, license.PS, assurance.PS ...
not public domain, but 150$
 analyzer/simulator and sources
1000 Wyckoff Ave
Mahwah, NJ 07430
phone (201) 848-2000
FAX: (201) 848-8189
Contact: John Sissler
8000 Muenchen 45
VHDL 2000 Simulator with GUI, source level debug, supported by Ikos Systems
Accelerator, integrated with Racals Suite of ASIC and System Expert EDA
Tools. Also SilcSyn Synthesis
Ravi Technologies, Inc.
3080 Olcott St., Suite 220C
Santa Clara, CA 95054
ph: (408) 748-7400  fx: (408) 748-7402

provides full VHDL services:
 Behavi{*filter*}models with source code,  Models for synthesis,
 Tutorials for behavi{*filter*}and synthesis modeling.
 assistance in development and implementation of design methodologies
 suitable to customer needs
Seeds VHDL ENvironment (SVEN)
 Seed Solutions, Inc.
 7505 Sherman Road
 Chesterland, OH 44026
Commercial parser
Silvar Lisco
703 E. Evelyn Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
anything in VHDL?
Swedish Institute of Microelectronics
  products are marketed by Syntesia (see below)
Synopsys Inc.
Synopsys, Inc.
700 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, California 94043-4033  U.S.A.
Phone: (415)962-5000
FAX:   (415)965-8637
Germany (moved)
Synopsys, GmbH
Stefan George Ring 2
D-8000 Muenchen 81   Germany
Phone: 89/9939120
FAX:   89/99391217
 Design Compiler - Constraint-Driven Logic Optimization (CMOS & GaAs)
 VHDL Compiler - VHDL Logic Synthesis
 HDL Compiler - Verilog HDL Synthesis
 ECL Compiler - Emitter-Coupled Logic Synthesis and Optimization
 Test Compiler - Test Synthesis (Auto. Test insertion + ATPG)
 VHDL System Simulator - 100% language compatible VHDL behavi{*filter*}simulation
Synthesia AB
Box 1130
S-164 22 Kista
Phone: +46 8 7521800
Fax: +46 8 7517710

Contact: Mart Altmae
FTP: ftp.inmic.se (
  MINT - Full VHDL 1076/87 simulator. Interactive, graphical
         environment with de{*filter*}.
  SYNT - VHDL high-level synthesis tool. Synthesizes structural data
         path and controller from behavi{*filter*}VHDL. Supports use of
         Xilinx or Synopsys as back-end synthesis tools.
Platforms: Sun Sparc, HP 700.
The VHDL Consulting Group
974 Marcon Blvd, Suite 260
Allentown, PA 18103
Ph.   : +1 215-882-3130
Fax.  : +1 215-882-3133

Services : (a) VHDL System Design I seminar (Introduction to VHDL )
           (b) Contract VHDL Model Development
           (c) DoD VHDL subcontractor
Products : (a) OEM VHDL Courses for Internal training
           (b) Std_DevelopersKit VHDL Package set (Built upon the IEEE's
                STD_LOGIC_1164 package)
Contact : William D. Billowitch
University Video Communications
PO Box 5129
Stanford, CA  94309
Phone 415-327-0131, Fax: 408-286-5311
Product: 50-minute videotape; speaker Professor James Armstrong of {*filter*}ia
Polytechnic Institute; "Introduction
to VHDL" and discusses uses, characteristics and applications of
VHDL.co-sponsored by the IEEE and ACM; around $60 or less; available in NTSC
and PAL
Valid see CADENCE (part of)
Vantage Analysis Systems, Inc (purchased by Viewlogic?)
42808 Christy Street, Suite 200
Fremont, CA 94538
phone: +1(510) 659-0901 fax: (510) 659-0129
contact: John Willey
Grove Court Business Centre
Hatfield Road
Berkshire SL1 1QU (UK)
Daniel Langois
MISIL Design
2 Rue De La Couture  Silic 301
94588 Rungis Cedex (France)
Lars Lindqvist :- Engineer
Hardi Electronics
P.O. Box 966
Varvadersvagen 4P
S-220 09 Lund (Sweden)
Phone +46 46 117790
Klenzestrasse 11
8045 Ismaning b. Muenchen
Okura & Co, Ltd
3-6 Ginza, 2 chome
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104 (JAPAN)
phone: 011-81-3-566-6000, fax: 011-81-3-563-5447
 Vantage Spreadsheet, 100% IEEE 1076 VHDL Source Code De{*filter*} Concurrent
Compiler  Network License
Integrated VHDL Schematics/Simulator Read/Write Mentor/Valid/EDIF Schematics
Logic Automation & ASIC libraries Hardware Modeller On Sun & HP machines
and Silicon Graphics, Apollo
193 Boston Post Road West
Marlboro, MA 01752
phone: 508/480-0881 or 1-800-422-4660, FAX: 508/480-0882, TELEX 174242
R"osrather Str. 544
5000 K"oln 91
phone.: +49-221-861013  FAX: +49-221-866545
Schatzbogen 50
8000 Muenchen 82
 ViewSim/SD: simulator (behavioual and structural)
 VHDLdesigner: synthesis to gate level
 VIewgen: schematic drawing synthesis (indirectly coupled to EDIF)
 Export.1076: Automatic VHDL model generation from Viewlogic schematic
     (which accepts EDIF)
  ViewState: graphical behavi{*filter*}modelling tool that allows you to draw
    statecharts and automatically produce VHDL for simulation and
    VHDL that is optimized for synthesis
Vista Technologies, Inc.
 1100 Woodfield Road, Suite 108
 Schaumburg, IL 60173-5121
 phone:  (708) 706-9300, fax:    (708) 706-9317
 contact: David Jakopac

 Marubeni Hytech Corp.
 Marubeni Hytech Bldg.
 20-22, Koishikawa 4-Chome
 Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112
 phone:  81-3-3817-4871, fax:    81-3-3817-4880
 contact: Ken Sakamaki
 Europarc, Bat. C
 F-13013 Marseille
 phone:  33+ 91 06 26 73, fax:  33+ 91 06 24 66
 contact: Olivier Thibault
The VHDL Developer:  VHDL model development environment.  Includes
  Language Assistant for design entry and checking,
  Source Code Library Manager for design reuse,
  over 5000 lines of VHDL examples, and EDIF to VHDL
The VHDL Developer Plus:  Same as The VHDL Developer plus Model Creator
  for creating VHDL source from function- and state-
  machine-tables. Can generate code campatible for
Walnut Creek CDROM
  4041 Pike Lane, Suite E
  Concord, CA  94520
  800/786-9907 or 510/674-0783
  FAX 510/674-0821

        ADA CDROM has (besides other stuff)
        uc      -- the University of Cincinnati VHDL repository
        VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language)
        See the uc/vhdl tree.  This is the VHDL Repository at the University
        of Cincinnati.  It includes the current ANAVHDL document.
Zycad Corporation
  (ZyCads VHDL SOFTware was sold to Synopsys)
47100 Bayside Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538-9942
phone: 1(510)623-4400
fax: 1(510)623-4550
  VIP VHDL Instruction Processor
  hardware accelerators

phone: +49-231 755 6464, FAX: +49-231 755 6555
T. Dettmer, Dortmund University, Computer Science I, 44221 Dortmund, Germany

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