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 ESNUG FAQ Location?


>Would appreciate somebody posting the URL for the Synopsis
>Users Group (ESNUG) FAQ. Thanks!

>Charles Shinn
>Hewlett Packard
>Boise, ID

Chuck, I'm kind of confused as to exactly what you're looking for.  ESNUG
is the E-mail Synopsys Users Group (which is a free weekly grassroots
newsletter where ~4600 engineers exchange bugs, workaround and opinions
on Synopsys & related EDA/ ASIC design products) and SNUG is the official
Synopsys Users Group meeting held every year in California.  Synopsys, Inc.
pretty much runs SNUG with some user input; users pretty much run ESNUG
with some Synopsys, Inc. input.  Your question is confusing because you
talk about the two in the same sentance.

To join ESNUG, just drop me an e-mail with your correct e-mail address in
the body of the letter and I'll add you (or anyone else) to the ESNUG
master mailing list.
                           - John Cooley
                             Part Time EDA Consumer Advocate
                             Full Time ASIC, FPGA & EDA Design Consultant

 Trapped trying to figure out a Synopsys bug?  Want to hear how 4599 other
 users dealt with it ?  Then join the E-Mail Synopsys Users Group (ESNUG)!

     /o o\  /  it's a FEATURE!"                 (508) 429-4357
    (  >  )
     \ - /     - John Cooley, EDA & ASIC Design Consultant in Synopsys,
     _] [_         Verilog, VHDL and numerous Design Methodologies.

     Holliston Poor Farm, P.O. Box 6222, Holliston, MA  01746-6222
   Legal Disclaimer: "As always, anything said here is only opinion."

Fri, 05 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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