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 Cypress Warp 3 Bug

Hi All,
I think I've found a bug in the Warp 3 Galaxy VHDL compiler and
synthersis software. It allows an integer signal when on page 5-71 of
the reference it says you can't have signal integers. The interesting
thing is that if you leave out the range infomation you get a E516 error
which is undocumented. As the manual says if you get an undocumented
error start shouting at your vendor. Anyway I've shouted and given one
of their reps the warp.log info. To quote the guy it appears to be an

                        'Undocumented Feature'

From what I understand the Warp 2 compiler is the same but I haven't
confirmed the same thing on it yet.

The question I want answered is this, if I can find a bug in a compiler
does it mean I can call myself a Software Engineer ? :-)

Anyway when I find out some info I'll post it here.

It'll also be interesting to see if any of their techs over in the
States read this.

Also anybody got the Warp 4 software, does it have the simulation
elements of VHDL as we were promised here in the UK in October.

I'll be interested to hear any points of view.

Andre Powell

Sun, 31 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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