Summary : C Interface for VHDL Simulators 
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 Summary : C Interface for VHDL Simulators


I am very sorry that I post the summary of my question about a
        C Interface for VHDL Simulator
so late. Well, you know, ...

I post the question :

> I a looking for a VHDL simulator which supports a C Interface.
> This interface should allow to include C code into a VHDL process,
> for example to assign a value to a VHDL variable.

Thanks to all people who send an answer to me.
A compressed version of the mails I obtained. I am not responsible
for the contents of these mails.
Answers with the same content will be given once.

   Synopsys VHDL System Simulator (C Language Interface, CLI)
   Vantage Spread Sheet (Styx)

   I have also heard that external language interfaces will be
   standardized in VHDL'92, but do not know any details.

   I have used the old version of the Synopsys VSS C interface
   (CBMOD, C Behavi{*filter*}Model) to construct a Simulator Coupling
   between Synopsys VSS and a specialized Simulator of our own.
   It works quite well, although there are some bugs and limitations.
   Currently I am in the process of converting to the new CLI
   software, but I cannot yet report any experience. You may contact
   me in 4 to 6 weeks again, if you are still interested.

   For Vantage I have only read the documentation, but not done a
   practical application.

The Model Technologies VHDL simulator v 4.0 supports a C language interface.
It is a native code simulator as well, so it should be quick.

We have been using Model Tech.'s old interpreted simulator here for
the last 6 months, running on SPARCs and HP750s, and it has proved
very capable: we have been running some very large designs through it.

We took delivery of the SPARC version of the new compiled code version
(v 4.0) this month, and I have managed to recompile all of our model.
However, our SPARC machines are not big enough to run this model, so I
can't comment yet on the speed compared to the old version.  We have not
yet used the C interface either, but it is in the documentation.

In general, Model Tech.'s software does what it says it does, and their
support has been first class.  It also has the benefit of being cheap!

Many commercial VHDL simulators such as IKOS, Synopsys and Vantage,
support a C language interface. I have just started using the STYX C
language interface from Vantage. It seems to work ok. If you have any
specific questions I may be able to answer them or you could send
e-mail to some of the vendors directly.

4. From comp.lang.vhdl Mon Jun 28 10:17:21 1993

CLSI's VHDL simulator is based on a VHDL->C translator. It is quite easy to
"paste in" bits of your own code into the generated C code, and the VHDL kernel
interface (VKI) is well documented.

5. I will use the C Interface of the Cadence System.

Thank you very much to all, who send an answer to my question.


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