symphonyeda license mgr problem with FreeBSD 
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 symphonyeda license mgr problem with FreeBSD

Hi, Everyone,

Has anyone been able to use the 'non-free' version of symphonyeda with
FreeBSD?  The command-line tools seem to work fine with FreeBSD (even
though it is not clear to me if they are running at full speed or not),
but the license manager won't start.  This problem exists with both the
linux_base-7.1.1 and linux_base-6.1 versions of the linux emulator, and
the following message is reported:

14:43:00 (lmgrd) Started symlm (internet tcp_ip port 2260 pid 1669)
14:43:00 (symlm) FLEXlm version 8.2a
14:43:00 (symlm) cannot open lock file (/var/tmp/locksymlm): Invalid

and then it concludes that there are multiple servers running (which
are not, per 'ps -aux | grep symlm').  Note that the locksymlm file was,
fact, created by this process.

Any help would be appreciated,




Wed, 07 Sep 2005 05:31:53 GMT  
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