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 VHDL Text Book

Some textbooks available on VHDL include:
"VHDL: Hardware Description and Design" by Roger Lipsett, et al
"Introduction to VHDL Based Design using VHDL" by Steve Carlson
"The VHDL Handbook" by David Coelho
"Chip Level Modeling with VHDL" by Jim Armstrong

However, I recommend "VHDL" by Douglas Perry.
It is the best introductory text of the books I've looked at.  However, it is
sometimes difficult to find answers to specfic questions. For example, it would
be nice if it contained in one place a definition of all the operators
available--arithmetic,logical,relational. Especially arithmetic which don't
even appear in the index.  There is a 2nd edition available now that may
address some of my gripes.

Jim Armstrong also has a new book co-written with F. Gray, "Structured Logic
Design with VHDL". But I haven't seen it.

Dan Barnum
Westinghouse Norden Systems

Mon, 03 Mar 1997 03:34:32 GMT  
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