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 Verilog Training from Qualis

Qualis Design Corporation has published the Fall schedule for our many
hands-on, application-focused courses in Verilog- and VHDL-based design.
Our courses are like no other -- just take a look at our lineup:

   Verilog System Design
            High Level Design Using Verilog
            System Verification Using Verilog
            Verilog for Board-Level Design
            ASIC Synthesis and Verification Strategies Using Verilog
            Advanced Techniques Using Verilog

   Verilog Synthesis
            Verilog for Synthesis: A Solid Foundation
            ASIC Synthesis Strategies Using Verilog
            Behavi{*filter*}Synthesis Strategies Using Verilog

For more info on our suite of HDL classes, to review our Fall schedule,
or if you're interested in an on-site class, check out our web site at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ or call Michael Horne on our hotline at 888.644.9700.

Qualis Design Corporation
8705 SW Nimbus Suite 118
Beaverton OR 97008 USA
Ph: +1.503.644.9700  Fax: +1.503.643.1583

Copyright (c) 1997 Qualis Design Corporation

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