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 Verilog Training Available


Verilog holds the promise of shorter design times and increased
productivity.  To unlock that potential, a designer needs to learn not
just the language but how to apply the language to meet their design
goals.  The best instructors offer the unique combination of design
experience, consulting experience, and teaching experience.

No Substitute for Experience

It's one thing to learn a hardware description language, it's another to
understand how to apply the language to real world design issues.  Each of
our instructors has design experience and has worked with numerous design
teams to help them fully realize the benefits of a hardware description

In addition, each instructor has teaching experience and experience as a
design consultant helping customers solve their toughest design problems.

Subject Matter Experts

Each instructor has in-depth knowledge of the language gained from years
of experience and from serving on the boards which define the language.
They have written their own course material which reflects that
knowledge.  Each course is kept up-to-date with the latest changes to the

Customization to Meet Your Needs

Companies' needs are not the same.  Perhaps some aspect of the language
needs to be emphasized or a certain design issue needs to be addressed.
Or, perhaps the capabilities of a specific EDA tool need to be discussed.
Our courses can be customized to meet your needs.  From subject matter to
delivery format we will be glad to discuss your specific requirements to
maximize the effectiveness of the course.

Current Classes

(A detailed agenda is available for each class.  All classes use labs to
reinforce the concepts.  More detailed information is available on each

Comprehensive Verilog HDL Training (4 days)
An intensive course on the Verilog hardware description language.  All
aspects of behavioral, RTL, and gate level modeling are presented.  The
course enables the student to be productive with Verilog and Verilog
software tools.  A quick reference guide is included with the
comprehensive student guide.  The course is taught by Stuart Sutherland
who has 12 years of design, teaching and consulting experience.

Comprehensive Verilog PLI Training (3 days)
A class which covers all aspects of PLI.  Topics include test vector
readers, design debug utilities, delay calculation and C models.  The
course is taught by Stuart Sutherland.

Comprehensive Verilog HDL Synthesis Training (3 days)
A class for engineers with a working knowledge of Verilog HDL who need to
understand Verilog HDL synthesis coding styles as supported by major
synthesis tools.  The class is taught by Cliff Cummings who has 14 years
of design, teaching and consulting experience.

Consulting Available

If you have special needs that are not met by a standard class or even a
customized class, consulting is available.  Consulting can offer the best
solution for the toughest design problems and the tightest schedules.

VHDL Training is also available.

More Information

For more information contact:
Tom Wille
TM Associates

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