ASIC Job, Hewlett Packard, Spokane WA 
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 ASIC Job, Hewlett Packard, Spokane WA

If interested in the following position, respond to the address listed
below.  Please do not contact the poster of this message.


     At Hewlett-Packard in Spokane, Washington, we create
     the most advanced test instruments and related equipment
     for the wireless communications industry.  Our product
     and technology development initiatives offer a growing
     variety of professional challenges.  But more than that,
     our Pacific Northwest location provides just as much
     variety for a great life away from work.

     In this growing community of 400,000, you will find that
     our spectacular natural setting affords every recreational
     activity imaginable!  In addition, you will find a wealth
     of cultural options to enrich your life.


     Responsible for a variety of digital ASIC designs for the
     next generation of mobile communications test equipment.
     Includes participation in system architecture definition.
     Primary focus will be ASIC design and development from
     requirements definition, through system integration, and
     into production.

     Bachelor's degree in electical engineering with 3 years
     ASIC design experience (2 years with MSEE).  This includes
     experience with requirements definition, design capture,
     simulation, testability analysis and development, and
     silicon verification.  Proficiency in hardware description
     language (HDL) design techniques for modeling and implement-
     ation, with VHDL as the preferred language.

     DSP and/or Communications experience.  Wireless digital
     communications experience with TDMA and/or CDMA systems is
     highly desirable.

     For immediate consideration for this HP Spokane opening, please respond
     with your cover letter and resume to:

     Hewlett-Packard Employment Response Center,
     Attn:  Ad #6096
     Job #623865,
     3000 Hanover Street,
     MS 20AZ,
     Palo Alto, CA 94304-1181;
     fax:  (415) 852-8138;

     Hewlett-Packard Company is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to
     affirmative action and work force diversity.

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