Extracting driving strength (2nd trial) 
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 Extracting driving strength (2nd trial)


> Hi there,

> I have an analog buffer which three voltage levels (5V, 3,3V, 1,67V, 0V).
> These levels are represented in a verilog model by Strong1, Pull1, Weak1 and
> Strong0. Is there a system function which extracts these driving strength ?

> For example, I want to do something like that:

> if (signal == Strong1)
>   do something;
> else if (signal == Pull1)
>   do something else
> else if (signal == Weak1)
>   do something else
> else if (signal == Strong0)
>   do something else
> else
>   display error message


  You need to do this in the PLI. You can create a function that will return the
of it's argument. You can use acc_fetch_value to obtain the strength of a scalar
net (use
%v as the format specifier). You can then use either tf_putp(0, value) to return
the function
value or make it a task and use either tf_putp(n, value) or
acc_set_value(acc_handle_tfarg(n), ...)
to set the return parameter. The issue with tf_putp is that it only works for 32
bit things
(you can use tf_putlongp() to put up to 64 bits). The only way to return function
values is
via the tf_putp() mechanism. If you want to return more than 64 bits or need to
X or Z then you'll need to make this a task. (I once submitted a request to allow
to work for returning function value - so you could return arbitrarily sized
objects from functions
and include X and Z but that never got anywhere). Anyway, the other thing you
need to know
is that you can (must) use a function in an expression while a task must appear
by itself (sort
of like a call). Sorry from rambling so much, but if you can sort all this
I think you may find an
answer to your problem in there.


Bob Beckwith
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