How can I build a model of a resistor? 
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 How can I build a model of a resistor?

How can I create a simulation model for a resistor that is used
as a series resistor in a schematic (whose netlist is then
extracted into Verilog for simulation)? The resistor can be
placed in any orientation such that it can have drivers on
either end or both sides; as a series resistor we just want
it to pass the value through from the one active driver (determined
by the design state).

Originally we had connected two buffers back to back like this:

module RESISTOR(R1,R2) ; // resistor model
        inout R1, R2 ;

        buf (pull1,pull0) p1(R1,R2) ;
        buf (pull1,pull0) p2(R2,R1) ;

This has problems with other drivers conflicting and causing
the net to go to X.

Optimally, the model should also be able to be used in
a pullup/down situation, again without concern with which side
is connected to the supply.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,
Lauren Baker
Cabletron Systems

Tue, 07 Jan 1997 00:48:01 GMT  
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