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 phantom alarm(120)

| The following is to be interpreted in the context of
| the PLI (on UNIX platforms), and NOT verilog HDL.
| In verilog 1.6 (SGI platform, IRIX 3.3.2 or 4.0.1) there
| seems to be an alarm(120) call inside the verilog code (non-PLI
| code). This causes problems if after 120 sec the PLI
| code happens to be waiting on socket I/O, semaphores, etc.
| The brute force solution is simply to reset the timer;

You also need to worry about SIGINT (e.g., ^C) from the user.

When I did a PLI module that needed to use sockets, I slapped a logical
"interrupts off/interrupts on" around each of the socket read/write calls.
That is (System-V version, BSD will differ):

        ...write a packet and wait for response...

The user could still use SIGQUIT to abort all the way out, if needed.



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