4 month Verilog consulting gig, Vancouver WA 
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 4 month Verilog consulting gig, Vancouver WA

A client of ours has a 3 to 4 month Verilog design project that they're
looking to outsource.  We are fully booked up, and the project does not
fit our technical area of focus.  Since we always take good care of our
clients, we're trying to help them fill this short term contract
position.  No, we do not get a commission for filling this position --
we're simply helping out our client.

Here are the project details:

        - Code Verilog for synthesis using Synopsys DC into an Altera FPGA
        - Verify using VCS
        - Application is state-machine and buffering logic
        - Need to be on-site for at least the beginning of the project.
          Some off-site work can be done after tasks are fully specified.
        - Client is a large printing company, the design team is located
          in Vancouver, WA (just north of Portland, Oregon)
        - Client wants someone with FPGA and synthesis experience.
        - Project ready to roll TODAY

If you're a consultant and available for this engagement, or if you want
to know more about it, send me your name and contact info, then I'll
forward it to our client.  This is not an entry level position.


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Sun, 10 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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