Spears read2.0 & Verilog XL 
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 Spears read2.0 & Verilog XL


> Hello,

> I tried to install the PLI package (my first one) read 2.0 provided by
> Christian B. Spear of Viewlogic.
> I used Verilog XL and followed the instructions given in the
> installation guide:

> -> used the veriuser.c as provided (no modifications!) with the
> read-sources
> -> ran vconfig (standalone version)
> -> inserted "-Dverilogxl" (maybe at the wrong position?)
> -> ran cr_vlog

> the error during compilation said something like: read.c line 1213 uses
> an incompatible pointer to char see veriuser.h, line 283.
> (Sorry, I dont have it logged here nor exactly on top of my head...)

> Do I have to make any changes on the veriuser.c-file provided with the
> package?

> Maybe someone can help me.

> Thanks in advance: Volker Gierenz//.

I have ran across this behavior which was caused by incompatibility of
variable types.  I think, all you need to do is to typecast the return
value to the proper type and the problem should go away (at least for
Model Tech).

Steve S. Kuo

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~skuo/
phone: +1 818 879-6366

Sun, 02 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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