Looking for Fault Simulator and ATPG 
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 Looking for Fault Simulator and ATPG

I'm looking for references to fault simulation and automatic test pattern
generation software for CMOS VLSI circuts.  Free tools are prefered, but
I'm interested commercial ones too.
I need solutions that can operate on an arbitrary netlist of transistors -
we're doing some full-custom design. (and some standard-cell).

The ideal test tools would operate on a .sim format transistor netlist
extracted from Magic and run through ext2sim.  (we do switch-level
simulation in irsim.)

A possible alternative would be tools that accept verilog nmos/pmos
primitives and handle the Switch-RC extenstion.  Plain verilog input isn't
really useful because you can't fully express the strengths of the various

I already know about the tools from Attest, Inc. and have downloade the demo

Thanks for any and all information!


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Mon, 08 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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