Model Tech and verilog gates 
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 Model Tech and verilog gates

Hi all,
            I've submitted the same question to the Model Tech support
alias but figured I'd post it here just in case someone on this alias
gets to it before Model Tech (please, no wise remarks %^).


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I work for Pixel Magic and we are just starting to do verilog (and mixed)
sims. How do we add the verilog technology library to our modelsim.ini
file as I am getting undefined elements that correlate to the tech
in a verilog gates module?


1- technology library file t:\libs\big_gates.v
2- simulation area is j:\<user_foo>\sims 3- in my modelsim.ini file:
(that is, I run simulationd from the j: sims dir)

Do I:
1- cd t:\libs\big_gates
2- vlib work
3- vlog big_gates.v
4- add a line to my modelsim.ini file such as:

Please advise.


Jim Antonellis
Pixel Magic

978-470-883 X338

Sun, 30 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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