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 Advertisement: EDA Jobs (Formal Verification)

Are you an experienced EDA tool developer or researcher interested in
pursuing breakthrough hardware verification technology?  LEVETATE Design
Systems is looking for like-motivated and qualified individuals to join us
in developing a novel formal verification system to solve the problem of
verifying RTL chip designs.  The system integrates elements of model
checking and theorem proving and is the product of several years of academic
and NASA-sponsored research.  LEVETATE has recently obtained funding to
develop the system into a commercial product and has openings for two
senior-level people to help us get there.

The two positions require strong independent thinking and creative problem
solving.  Expert software developers are needed who are capable of analyzing
and implementing complex concepts at multiple levels of abstraction.
Successful candidates will be challenged by a fast-paced work environment
and encouraged by highly motivated and competent co-workers.  While you can
expect the workload to be high, the right candidates will find the
technology perhaps the most interesting of their careers.  If you have a
strong interest in automating higher-level reasoning about hardware systems,
you are especially encouraged to apply.

Position 1 - HDL Compiler Engineer

The first position requires significant experience with Verilog or VHDL
front-ends in simulation or logic synthesis environments.  The job requires
expertise in large system design using C or C++.  Significant hardware
design or verification experience is an additional plus.  A strong leader is
needed who will own the HDL front-end for a number of verification and
synthesis systems.  If not already familiar with formal methods, the
successful candidate for this position will receive training to integrate
the front-end into our hardware reasoning engine and to implement elements
of the reasoning engine.

Position 2 - Formal Methods Engineer

The second position requires significant experience in formal specification
and verification with theorem proving, model checking, or language
containment.  Strong verification algorithm design and implementation skills
using C or C++ are essential for this position.  Significant hardware design
or verification experience is an additional plus as well.  The individual
filling this role will own major sections of the reasoning engine underlying
LEVETATEs verification products.

LEVETATE Design Systems, Inc. develops and markets specification-based EDA
tools integrating formal methods into mainstream hardware design
environments.  Targeting the RTL abstraction level and above, LEVETATEs
work spans the areas of simulation testbench generation, formal
verification, and behavi{*filter*}synthesis.  One noteworthy aspect of this work
is the use of a common specification language for verification and synthesis
that promises to ease the large-scale transition to formal hardware
verification.  Using our language, chip designers find hardware
specification an intuitive process for testbench generation, with the
specifications capable of being reused in formal verification applications.

LEVETATE Design Systems is a privately-held corporation, based in Beaverton,
Oregon, that remains largely owned by the company founders.  Our particular
venture funding model permits us to offer stock option packages to our
engineering staff at levels typically reserved for senior management at
other companies.  We offer a competitive salary and benefits package and an
excellent work environment.

Beaverton, Oregon resides in the center of the silicon forest, a
concentration of hardware design and EDA tool companies located just outside
of Portland.  The area is booming region of EDA activity, being home to
Mentor Graphics, Summit Design, Model Technology, OrCAD, Analogy, and
several smaller EDA companies.  Synopsys has a large formal verification
group in the area and Intel has its main design tools group in the area as

Portland, Oregon is the most accessible and affordable of the great U.S.
west coast cities.  Located at the intersection of the Columbia and
Williamette rivers, bounded on the east by the Cascade mountains and on the
west by the Pacific ocean, Portland is a outdoor recreation paradise.  The
city and its surrounding suburbs offer high-quality sports, arts, dining,
and amu{*filter*}ts befitting a successful high-technology region.

To respond to this ad please e-mail your resume (text only) to

David Fura

LEVETATE Design Systems, Inc.                   503-574-4182
8196 SW Hall Boulevard                         Fax:  503-641-4138
Suite 330

Beaverton, OR 97008 USA              

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