Manager, ASIC Design 
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 Manager, ASIC Design

This experienced professional will oversee a self-motivated team of
seven ASIC Design and/or Design/Test Engineers. Advancing the
capabilities of this winning team to an even higher level will be one
of the major responsibilities of this industry savvy expert. This
position is ideal for a leader who has technical experience. We will
consider someone who is ready to use their technical knowledge and take
the next step to become a leader.

Qualified applicants will be experienced in Verilog/VHDL RTL or gate
level design (prefer Verilog) with simulation and test bench/vector
generation experience. Synopses synthesis tool experience and SCAN test
experience desirable. UNIX and PC computer experience preferred. Strong
{*filter*}and written communication skills are required, as well as a great
sense of humor!

Creative Technology Ltd. (Nasdaq: CREAF), is the world's leading
provider of multimedia products and peripherals for personal computers.
Creative Technology was founded almost two decades ago with the vision
to revolutionize the way people interact with their PCS. To date,
nearly 60% of today's PC audio systems have been built on Creative's
Sound Blaster? technology, making Creative responsible for the majority
of the PC-generated sound worldwide. Our creative culture, coupled with
flexible hours and business casual attire, has evolved into an
outstanding workplace to advance your career.  Recognized as an
industry leader, Creative's remarkable acquisitions have recently
included Ensoniq Corporation of Malvern, PA. This, coupled with our
strategic partnerships, have positioned us to further advance our
marketplace success. Ensoniq boasts an astonishing less than 2%
employee turnover rate from our Malvern office in the last several

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