Is always really ALWAYS? 
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 Is always really ALWAYS?

        Sorry about the double-post.  The last one lacked my return address.    

        I need to schedule an IF statement to take place at a fixed delay after a signal change.  The obvious solution seems to be:

        if ($time >= din_lastchange + max_prop_delay)
                dout = dina + dinb;

        This doesn't work.  It seems that the entire ALWAYS statement waits to complete until after the IF statement has executed.  Thus, if dina changes again before the delay has completed, no further IF statements can be scheduled.  That is: the ALWAYS fails to respond to further events until it has completed execution (after the #max_prop_delay).
        I tried to get around this using fork-join, conditional operators, and intra-assignment delays.  None could achieve the desired effect.
        How do I delay an IF statement while keeping the ALWAYS statement active?

                                        Aron Heintz EE'94
                                        Yale University

Sat, 05 Oct 1996 02:57:56 GMT  
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