HELP: Bit-select on array element??? 
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 HELP: Bit-select on array element???


> I have declared an array of regs like this:
>     reg [31:0] table[0:15];

> When I try to do a bit-select on an element of the array like this:
>     table[0][0] = 1;

> it complains about the second '['.

> Am I mistaken about how to do bit-selects on arrays?  CAN you do bit-selects
> on arrays?  Is there a simple solution to the problem?

> Thanks.

  You can't select bits in an array, directly. You have to use an intermediate

  reg [7:0] mem_array [0:7];     // 8x8 RAM
  reg [7:0] temp_mem_data;
  reg [2:0] mem_address;
  reg [2:0] some_other_signal;

    $readmemb ("", test_bench.mem_array, 0, 7); // maybe better
    temp_mem_data [7:0] = mem_array [mem_address];
    some_other_signal [2:0] = temp_mem_data [6:4];

  This is the simplest and fastest way to access bit-select.


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