Final Call, ISQED 2001, NOTE 9/22 deadline extension 
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 Final Call, ISQED 2001, NOTE 9/22 deadline extension


IEEE 2001 2nd International Symposium on


March 26-28, 2001
San Jose, CA, USA

Note that the paper submission deadline has been extended to 9/22/00

Your Papers, Tutorials, and Panels are Solicited on:
* System-on-Chip Testing and Verification
* Low Power Test
* Design and Abstraction/Modeling Methods for IP Blocks & Libraries
* Quality of Modeling Abstractions and Methods (Device, Interconnect,
  and Macro Cells)
* Design Methodologies; Custom, Semi-Custom, ASIC, FPGA, etc, focused on

* Physical Synthesis Tools and Quality Implication
* Closing the Design to Manufacturing Loop (Design for
* Management of Design Process, and Design Database
* EDA Tools Interoperability Implications
* Emerging Processes & Devices, and their Effect on Reliability, Yield,
  Performance of the VLSI Design
* Networking Circuit Design; Flows, Methods, and QoS
* Packaging Simulation & Engineering for Improved Quality
* Design Quality Definitions, Metrics, and Standards
* Global, Social, and Economic Implications of Design Quality
* Low Power Designs with focus on design quality
* Redundancy Design Techniques and effect on Quality
* EDA Tools, Design Techniques, and Methodologies, dealing with issues
- Timing Closure
- R, L, C Extraction
- Signal Reflection
- Ground/Vdd Bounce
- Signal Noise/Cross-Talk
- Substrate Noise
- Voltage Drop
- Metal Migration
- High Frequency Effects
- Thermal Effects
- Power Estimation
- Hot Carriers
- Plasma Induced Damage
- Proximity Correction & Phase Shift Methods
- Verification (Layout, Circuit, Function, etc.)
- Packaging; Electrical/Thermal Simulation and Modeling

The International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), is an
electronic design and design automation conference focused on design
quality. The conference provides a forum to present and exchange ideas
to promote the research, development, and application of design
& methods, design processes, EDA design tools, and design methodologies.

The conference attendees are primarily designers of the VLSI Integrated
Circuits & Systems (IP & SoC), and those involved in the Research,
Development and Application of EDA/CAD Tools and Design flows,
Process/Device Technologists, and Manufacturing Specialists. ISQED
emphasizes a holistic approach toward design quality and intends to
highlight and accelerate co-operation among the IC Design, EDA, and
Technology communities.
ISQED 2001 is sponsored by IEEE Computer Society; VLSI Design & Design
Automation TCs, and Test Technology Technical Council, in cooperation
with FSA.

Full Length Paper Submission Deadline September 22, 2000
Acceptance Notification October 19, 2000
Final Camera-Ready Paper December 3, 2000

Ph.D. Student Forum
The ISQED Ph.D. Student Forum is a special poster session devoted to
students to present and discuss their thesis work with experts in the
of Electronic Design, and Design Automation. Based on availability,
travel grants will be made available to selected number of
selection criteria will be based on the timeliness, relevance and
importance of the work and clear link to the improvement of quality in
electronic design. The forum provides Ph.D. students, who are active in
research in the electronic design, and design-related areas, with the
opportunity to gain visibility and get feedback on their works, and for
the industry to gain insight into the academic work-in-progress.
students are those who by the conference time are within 0-2 years from
completion of their thesis, with a university-approved thesis proposal.

Students should submit:
Overview article, describing the area of research (thesis) in in MS

preferred format. The article should include all necessary figures or
references, up to 6 pages maximum. Alternatively the students can
submit a recently published paper covering their area research.

Best Paper Awards
ISQED technical committee will award the top three papers based on the
degree of contribution to the field of design, originality, quality of
article, and other factors determined by the committee. All papers,
invited papers, will be considered for the evaluations. Please refer to
conference web site for ISQED 2000 winners.

Submission Process
Authors should submit FULL-LENGTH, original unpublished papers (6 pages
maximum) along with an abstract of at about 200 words. To permit a blind

review, DO NOT include name(s) or affiliation(s) of the author(s) on the

manuscript and abstract. Send a separate file including the complete
contact author information; name, association, street/mailing address,
company mailing address, telephone/fax, e-mail. The guidelines for paper

format are available on the conference web site at http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

Electronic submission via e-mail is the only accepted submission mode.
Please email your paper in MS Word, PDF, or postscript format to

appearance of your paper before sending it. Tutorial and panel proposals

should include the title, speakers/panelists/moderator information,
description of the topic, and a brief outline.

Conference Highlights:
Several tutorial sessions will be held on the first day, where
presentations by many industry and academia experts offer a valuable
opportunity for practicing professionals to refresh or upgrade their
in quality-based IC design techniques, methodologies and tools. This
be followed by a two day technical program consisting of keynote and
executive speeches, informative presentations by industry leaders,
technical presentations, and panel discussions dealing with various
challenging topics related to IC design and quality.  For further
information regarding ISQED please refer to the conference web site at

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