Passing filename to $dumpfile with VCS 
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 Passing filename to $dumpfile with VCS


I've been trying to pass a filename to $dumpfile, but haven't had any
I'm using VCS to create Debussy, Undertow and vcd files.

I'm using $value$plusargs() (from Chris Spear) to extract the filename
from my command line, which works fine, but I can't get $dumpfile to
accept it.

reg [1000:0] s1;
reg [1:0] status;

$status = $value$plusargs("FILENAME=%s", s1);


My compilation fails with :

Error: illegal argument to $dumpfile

If I use   $fsdbDumpFile(s1)    I can create a debussy file with no

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Lindsay Gill

Wed, 05 Nov 2003 03:38:48 GMT  
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