VHDL vs. Verilog happened at SNUG not IVC 
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 VHDL vs. Verilog happened at SNUG not IVC


> One data point which may help shed some light on the mind set of the two
> HDL conference organizers, and why they may not see eye to eye.  The
> contest in question at the Verilog conference was the design of a counter.
> The design contest at a recent VHDL conference was the Denver Airport
> baggage handling system.


Kirk, again I'd like to clarify, this design contest wasn't held at *any*
Verilog conference -- it was held at the Synopsys Users Group Meeting (which
is more of a synthesis oriented conference.)  As I told Fred, if you wish to
catagorize the Synopsys meeting from historical company tastes, this meeting
would perhaps be seen as more VHDL than Verilog biased from a Synopsys, Inc.
point of view because they only sell a VHDL simulator.  How the customers
see it is another story.  

Also, I'd like to stress that this design contest was not crafted to be a
referendum on whether VHDL or Verilog is a better language for serious
hardware designers to use.  The fact that 89% of the Verilog designers
completed while 100% of the VHDL design *didn't* complete it was a surprize
to an awful lot of us!

I know that this may seem like I'm nitpicking; but I just want to try to keep
the facts in this contest straight in the public's mind when this contest is
being discussed.
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