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 HW Engineering Employment

Hello, my name is Neal Schneider and I am searching for employment in
in the field of hardware engineering around the bay area.  I will be
graduating with honors in computer engineering this May from Trinity
College, and am looking for a small company environment to enable
my skills and experience to promote growth and success.  I am a very
bright, creative and eager individual with a strong background in
both hardware and software engineering. I have gained experience within
the industry, comfortably fitting into a team of hardware engineers at
Cisco Systems last summer.  My main purpose for posting this on the
newsgroups is that I will be visiting the bay area from March 21-31 and
would like to set up any interviews for employment.  I have included my
resume and a letter further explaining my background.  I can be reached

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Neal A. Schneider    

Neal A. Schneider
701963 Trinity College
Hartford, CT 06106


        To find employment in the field of hardware engineering that
will allow me to utilize and further develop my skills designing
integrated circuits.
        Trinity College
        B.S. in Computer Engineering, expected graduation 1997
        3.83 GPA(in major)
        3.42 cumulative GPA
        Honors in Engineering/Dean's List

        Relevant Course work
                *Digital Signal Processing
                *Digital Circuits and Systems
                *Semiconductor Electronics and VLSI Design
                *Machine Organization and Assembly Language
                *Feedback Control Theory
                *Linear Systems

        Cisco Systems, Chelmsford MA
        Internship in Hardware Engineering: May 1996 to August 1996
         *Advanced multiple network-based projects in conjunction with a
          hardware engineering team
         *Quickly assimilated software/hardware applications and company
         *Communicated with various departments in order to expedite
         *Solved many design problems independently

        Trinity College, Hartford CT
        Senior Project: May 1996 to Present
         *Invented a new network protocol, its device drivers, and the
          governing software
         *Utilized the www in order to make connections in fields
          relating to microprocessor networking
         *Received funding from the Connecticut Space Consortium in the
          form of a NASA scholarship

        Independent Study:  January 1995 to January 1996
         *Self-taught VHDL by researching books and analyzing IC
          from other schools
         *Followed intensive tutorials in order to learn and utilize
          multiple VHDL compilers
         *Designed, programmed, and tested FPGA's successfully as a
          member of a team of engineers working on the Trinity College/
          Connecticut National Robot Competition

        Teaching Assistant:  August 1995 to present
         *Supervised multiple final group projects involving integrated
         *Assisted professor in the development of the lab curriculum.
         *Tutored individual students on course material

        Resident Assistant:  August 1994 - January 1995
         *Strived to create a sense of community between 25 freshmen
         *Served as a role model and advisor
         *Resolved interpersonal problems swiftly under critical

        *Verilog, VHDL,  Microsoft C, C++, AHDL, ASM, PCbug11, Spice
        *Synopsis synthesis tools,Concept, Max Plus II,  VHDL write,
         Design Architect, Accusim, Signalscan, EPOCH, B^2 Logic
        *UNIX, X-Windows, MS-DOS,Win 95,Mentor Graphics, Sun OS, Mac OS

                *References available on request

        In May of 1997, I will be graduating with honors in computer
engineering from Trinity College.   Over the past four years, Trinity
given me the opportunity to utilize its excellent engineering facility
for academic work as well as independent research in circuit design.   I
have studied hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog as
well as IC design applications (e.g. Max Plus II) in order to build up
background in the field.    My senior project, which is funded through a
grant from NASA, is a culmination of much of my academic knowledge to
date.  In designing a modular robotics controller, I have developed my
own network protocol and software in order to  implement a generalized
distributed network of microcontrollers and other analog and digital
peripheral devices.    In order to accomplish this project, I have
researched and learned about interprocessor communication, signal
processing, general network standards, and more programming than I ever

        The majority of my engineering experience, however,  was gained
during my employment last summer at the Cisco System's Core East ATM
division.    I was fortunate because my supervisor allowed me to
participate in many aspects of the division.    This opportunity allowed
me to absorb as much knowledge about the industry as possible.   I
assisted the design team at many levels of production, from top down
level design to programming, simulation, synthesis, lay-out and
testing.   I believe that my success at Cisco stemmed from my ability to
assimilate new ideas, methodology and applications very quickly.  But
more importantly I was able to work with many different individuals and
communicate my problems in a coherent manner.   These skills and
experience I possess would help me fit into a new company environment,
and that is why I would be confident joining a team of engineers at
your company.

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