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I would like somebody to make some comments on the M language:

What is it?
What is it mostly used for?
Similarities and diferences with Verilog and VHDL.

Thanks and Regards;
                        Orlando J. Hernandez
                        ASIC Design Engineer
                        Texas Instruments, Inc.

Mon, 05 May 1997 01:55:55 GMT  

(Orlando Hernandez) writes:

M is a superset of C.  It is a proprietary language, developed by SCS
(Silicon Compiler Systems), which was later bought by (merged w/?) Mentor
Graphics Corp.

It is used to model both analog and digital circuits at behavioral, RTL,
and gate (transistor for analog) levels for simulation.  M is used for
simulation and modeled in the GDT (formerly Genesil Design Tool) toolset
provided by Mentor (uses Lsim for its simulator).

M is similar in syntax to Verilog, but is more flexible (slightly harder
to use, and
very buggy with Lsim).  It is less flexible than VHDL, less verbose, but
has floating point support supplied with C libraries.  The bulk of the
executable can be written using standard C data structures and constructs.
 It compiles and is more efficient than Verilog (as compared with
interpreted Verilog simulators).  The Lsim tools also supplies a source
code debug utility for M.

Its major drawback is that is not a language standard (no IEEE blessing,
as do VHDL and Verilog).  Very few, if any, third parties support the
language and related development tools.  The documentation and technical
from Mentor (for the GDT tools and M) is very poor, at best.

My recommendation (your really didn't ask, but I will offer it) is to stay
away from it and go more mainstream (Verilog is my favorite) if your other
tools (and your design automation organization) agree to support your

Your company has extensive experience using this language (and the GDT
toolset).  TI developed a set of customer specific embedded controllers
using the GDT toolset for my company, Delco Electronics.  You have several
TI contact: You can contact David Thomas (in Houston) or Wayne Chen (in
Dallas) for further assistance and information.

Good luck.  I hope this helps.

Dave Stringfellow
Delco Electronics Corp./Div. of GM Hughes Electronics
Kokomo, In  46901

Tue, 06 May 1997 06:10:04 GMT  
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