newbie seeking Verilog info 
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 newbie seeking Verilog info

Hello all. I would like to get into Verilog design/verification/synthesis for
FPGA designs. I've never even seen Verilog before right now, but have
a small amount of VHDL background. What books are recommended to learn
Verilog from scratch? What cheap software is available for compiling and
simulating? I'm looking at using Atmel FPGAs, mostly because I work there,
and have a copy of their software that has ssynthesis capability, but
I need to verify my code for typos, simulation bugs, etc. As I'm doing
this on my own for a hobby project, I can't afford the spiffy software
that costs thousands of dollars. Is there something available for Windows
or Linux for a couple hundred that does both compiling and simulation?
Or something under gnu yet? How reliable are any such tools? Thank you
for your help.


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Tue, 30 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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