Visiting scientist (post-doc) positions 
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 Visiting scientist (post-doc) positions


NEC Research Institute of Princeton, NJ has few openings for visiting
scientists and post-docs in the areas of:

1) Parallel programming environments.
2) Parallel interconnection networks and switching elements.

The initial term of these positions is for one year. Subject to
performance and availability of funds, it might be possible
to extend these positions for a longer period.

Candidates for positions in the first area should be familiar with and have
PROVEN EXPERIENCE in one or more of the following topics:

-Parallel programming environments (e.g., PCN, PVM),
-Parallel programming languages (e.g., HPF),
-Development of  parallel applications,
-Porting of scientific libraries to parallel systems (e.g., BLAS),
-Parallel OS (e.g., Micro-Kernels and Nano-Kernels technologies).

A demonstrated recent activity in the above is needed as well as a Ph.D.
degree in Computer Science.

Candidates for positions in the second area should be familiar with and
have proven experience in one or more of the following topics:

-Hardware prototyping tools (e.g., Xilinx and Aptix),
-High level VLSI CAD/CAE design tools (e.g., Cadence/Verilog; Synopsys),
-Transputer based designs (T800, C004, etc.),
-Design of communication chips for parallel processing networks,
-Hardware aspects of parallel processing interconnection networks,
-CPU architectures for parallel processing.

The candidates should have a recent research activity in the above topics
and also have lab. working experience with instrumentation and
measurement equipment.
A Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or
Electrical Engineering is needed for this position.  

Successful candidates will participate in an ongoing research project.
It is anticipated that those accepted can integrate their contributions
and be interested in the goal and scope of the current activity, leading
to new Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) paradigms and systems.

Interested applicants should send their resumes by mail, fax or email to:

        Dr. Eugen Schenfeld
        NEC Research Institute
        4 Independence Way
        Princeton, NJ 08540

        phone: (609)951-2742

The NEC Research Institute, founded in 1988, conducts long-term basic
research in the sciences underlining future technologies of computers
and communications (C&C). The goal of the Institute is to make
fundamental contributions to the computing and physical sciences basic
to the processing and interpretation of information. The Institute's
parent company is NEC Corporation, a global leader in computers,
communications, electronics and information services. On May 2, 1990,
the NEC Research Institute dedicated its $30 million new facilities on
a twenty-one acre site in the Princeton area. This region was selected
because of its tradition of basic research and invention.
The Institute supports the belief that research results should be
available in the open literature and therefore emulates the liberal
publication policies of universities. Scientists at the NEC Research
Institute seek to expand the base of scientific knowledge and enhance
mutual understanding among the people of all nations.

NEC Research Institute is an equal opportunity employer.
Applicants must show documentation of eligibility for employment.

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