Digital design/ASIC/FPGA/CAD/Hardware engineer (MSEE) looking for a new position 
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 Digital design/ASIC/FPGA/CAD/Hardware engineer (MSEE) looking for a new position

Dear recruiting team,

    ? you are looking for a highly-motivated digital
    design/systems/CAD/FPGA/ASIC/hardware engineer?
    ? you need an engineer who is fascinated of
    computer technology, especially parallel/vector
    architectures, System-On-a-Chip and high-speed
    ? you ask for an employee who's motivation to study
    electrical engineering was generated by Seymour
    Cray and his machines?
    ? you are searching for a creative mind combined
    with strong problem solving capabilities?
    ? you want a new member for your team, who is
    committed to excellence and success?
    ? you desire an open-minded person who is
    programmed to reach the goal, increasing your
    efficiency and pushing the limits?
    Try this.....

    => http://www.*-*-*.com/

    Best regards,
    Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schmidt

    P.S.: Everything is possible,
    if you really want it...

    Resume for Andreas Schmidt

    Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schmidt (MSEE)
    Fremont, CA, USA
    Phone: +1-408-768-1088, +1-510-687-1611

    homesite: http://www.*-*-*.com/

    Digital Design/Systems/CAD/ASIC/FPGA/Hardware Engineer
    in an innovative, industry-leading company

    ? Experience with VHDL/Verilog - synthesis /
      simulation tools since 1994
    ? Gate level simulation experience since
    ? Experience with XILINX FPGA technology and
    tools since 1990
    ? Circuit design experience since 1984
    ? Computer experience since 1983
    (AppleII, UCSD-Pascal)

    September 2000 present:
    Blue Iguana Networks (Nuvation spin-off),
    Fremont, CA, USA /
    Nuvation Labs Corporation, San Jose, CA,

    Senior Hardware Engineer
    ? coauthor of the initial Blue Iguana
    ? system architecture and development of
    the BI technology on the target side
    ? development of future BI technology
    Technical Lead
    ? design and integration of a Voice-over-
    IP design for an optical network device
    ? mentoring, in-house education and
    ? CAD/EDA tool support, license
    administration and support

    1994 August 2000:
    Andreas Schmidt ASIC-Design, Technical
    Consulting, Hard- & Software,Bochum,
    ? Project work concerning digital
    (using Xilinx Foundation, ALDEC Active-HDL, Synplicity,
      Synopsys, Mentor tools, etc...)
    ? computer solutions for spezialized
    enviroments (medical technology)
    ? Authorized SUN-VAR, Apple-, Microsoft-,
    Microsoft education-dealer
    ? System administration of heterogenous
    networks (SUN/Apple/WinNT-Platforms)
    ? Technical Consulting concerning
    networking, computer solutions,
    system design

    1992 1996: Institute Electron Devices and
    Integrated Circuits,
    Ruhr-Universit?t Bochum,
    Assistant to Systemadmistrator (1 year)
    ? Administration of SunOS 4.1.3,
    Solaris 2.4, ULTRIX, Linux, MicroVMS
    ? Programming of SunOS, Solaris, ULTRIX
    ? Installing and configuring of
    development systems
    Teaching Assistant: IC-design II design
    course (Digital circuits) (3 years)
    ? Xilinx FPGA, Xilinx XACT,
    Synopsys tools, SunOS 4.1.3,
    SUN SPARC 10/20
    ? Mietec CMOS standardcells(1.2),
    Cadence ASIC design tools, ULTRIX, DECstation5000
    ? MMI CMOS-Gate-Arrays,
    Silvar-Lisco SL2000, MicroVMS,
    1991 1994: NEUROTECH GmbH, Oberhausen,
    Developer of Digital circuits/systems
    ? Design of interfaces to Hell/Linotype
    Reprograhic Scanner/Recorder
    using INMOS Transputer and XILINX FPGA
    technology (XC3090, XC4010, XACT),
    Dash, Workview
    ? Project management of the schematic-
    converter Dash2View (Dash -> Workview)
    ? Developing testprograms using Pascal
    Ruhr-Universit?t Bochum, Germany:
    Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik 1999/2000
    (MSEE degree)
    ?Realization of an efficient
    acquisition of measurement-data
    and control of a halfbridge-current-
    inverter for the operation
    of a Superconducting Magnetic Energy
    Storage system.

    VISA status/ US: H1B
    citizenship EU: german citizen

    References available on request.

    Please visit my homesite:

    for the latest news...

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