APChDL-2001/SLDL-2001 call for papers 
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 APChDL-2001/SLDL-2001 call for papers

         Eighth Asia Pacific Chip Design Languages Conference
                   APChDL-2001, 10-12 December 2001

                System Level Design Languages Workshop
                    SLDL-2001, 12-13 December 2001

                 Adelaide University, South Australia

                Call for Papers, Tutorials and Panels

Design languages play an important role in the development of
integrated circuits and systems.  Languages are used to express the
behavior and structure of designs, and language processing tools are
used for simulation, verification, synthesis and other forms of
analysis.  The abstractions provided by design languages make the
design process more manageable and amenable to automation.

The APChDL Conference organizers invite submission of papers and
proposals for tutorials and panels addressing topics in language-based
design of integrated circuits and systems, including (but not limited

Systems on a Chip                       Switch, logic and high-level
- Platform computing                    simulation
- Embedded systems specification,       - HW/SW co-simulation
  modeling, and validation              - Mixed-mode simulation
- FPGA design and reconfigurable        - Formal Verification techniques
  computing                             - Logic and behavi{*filter*}synthesis
- Rapid prototyping                     - Datapath and control synthesis
- Real-time systems                     - Interface synthesis
- Intellectual property                 - HW/SW co-synthesis
- Interoperability issues

Analog, RF, and mixed signal behavi{*filter*}modeling
- Analog, RF, and mixed signal circuit synthesis, optimization,
  and layout
- Analog, RF, and mixed signal simulation
- Mixed technology design simulation
- Analog and mixed signal test
- Fault modeling and simulation
- BIST and DFT

For papers, a full-paper manuscript of at most eight single-spaced
pages should be submitted to the APChDL Program Chair by email in
Adobe PDF format.  Papers may be submitted in printed form by regular
mail only by arrangement with the Program Chair.  Tutorial proposals
should include an abstract of at least 500 words, a statement of
learning objectives, target audience and prerequisite knowledge.
Panel proposals should include an abstract of at least 500 words and a
list of proposed panellists.  Tutorial and panel proposals should be
submitted by email to the APChDL Program Chair.

The SLDL Workshop organizers also invite proposals for presentations
and embedded tutorials on topics in language-based system-level
design, including (but not limited to):

- Systems Level Design Semantics and Representations
- Systems Level Simulation and Analysis
- Heterogeneous Specification and Analysis
- Domain Modeling
- Meta-Modeling and Model Integration
- Requirements and Constraint Representation
- Case Studies and Applications

Proposals should include an abstract of at least 500 words, and should
be submitted by email to the SLDL Program Chair.

Important Dates:

- Submissions deadline: 13 July 2001
- Acceptance notices: 14 September 2001
- Final papers due: 19 October 2001

Steering Committee

General Chair:
  Dr. Peter Ashenden
  Ashenden Designs Pty Ltd
  PO Box 640
  Stirling, SA 5152, Australia
  Phone: +61 414 709 106

APChDL Program Chair:
  Dr. Greg Peterson
  The University of Tennessee
  Elec. and Computer Engineering
  411 Ferris Hall
  Knoxville, TN 37996-2100, USA
  Phone: +1 865 974 6352

SLDL Program Chair:
  Dr. Perry Alexander
  The University of Kansas, ITTC
  2291 Irving Hill Rd.
  Lawrence, KS 66044, USA
  Phone: +1 785 864 7741

2000 Chair Emeritus:
  Jean Mermet
  KeesDA, Parc Equation
  2 avenue de Vignate
  38610 Gieres, France
  Phone: +33 4 76 63 49 34

Finance Chair:
  Dr. Robert Esser
  Dept. Computer Science,
  Adelaide University, SA 5005
  Phone: +61 8 8303 5198

Publicity Chair:
  Dr. Sri Parameswaran
  University of Queensland
  Dept. Comp. Sci. & Elec. Eng.
  Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia
  Phone: +61 7 3365 4190

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