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Viewlogic Systems acquires Chronologic  Simulation MARLBORO, MASS. (MARCH 30)
BUSINESS WIRE - March 30, 1994--Viewlogic Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:VIEW), a
developer of electronic design automation (EDA) software, Wednesday announced
that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Chronologic Simulation
(Los Altos, Calif), supplier of the highest-performance Verilog-compliant
digital simulator in the EDA industry.

Verilog is a popular hardware description language (HDL) that has become a
defacto EDA industry standard for ASIC design with a large, dedicated and
growing user community of engineers designing complex, sophisticated

Under the agreement, Viewlogic will issue $26.5 million worth of its Common
Stock to Chronologic Simulation's shareholders and optionholders in exchange
for all equity interests in Chronologic Simulation.  Chronologic Simulation
will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Viewlogic under the merger, which
will be accounted for as a pooling-of-interests.  The merger is subject to
the approval of Chronologic Simulation's shareholders and is expected to be
finalized on March 31, 1994.

"Bringing Chronologic Simulation into the Viewlogic family marks another
milestone in the implementation of our successful, business strategy, which
includes teaming with EDA visionaries who share our commitment to providing
best-in-class, leading-edge technology," said Alain J. Hanover, Viewlogic's
chairman and chief executive oficer. "Verilog-HDL is, and will remain, an
important methodology for high-level electronic design.  Chronologic
Simulation's VCS (Verilog Compiled Simulator) product adds significant value
by providing the fastest simulation performance to designers who prefer the

"Now Viewlogic can offer Verilog-HDL users the premier Verilog-compliant
simulator, either as a stand-alone tool or integrated into the EDA industry's
most open and flexible design environment.  The bottom line for designers is
complete freedom of choice to select and use the best EDA technology for both
component- and system-level design," Hanover concluded.

John Sanguinetti, Chronologic Simulation's president, said: "It is exciting
for us to become part of one of the most successful companies in the EDA
industry.  Viewlogic's unqualified support for leading-edge technology and
the companies that develop it makes this an extremely attractive opportunity
for Chronologic Simulation to build on the leadership position we've already
established in Verilog simulation. From the outset, Chronologic's goal was to
create the best simulator for the Verilog market," Sanguinetti added.
"Having accomplished that, we want to make it as widely accessible to
designers as possible.  Now, as part of Viewlogic, we'll be able to achieve
this goal as well. Viewlogic's broad sales and distribution network will
greatly expand our ability to reach and support high-level designers

Building on Leadership in Verilog Simulation

In acquiring Chronologic Simulation, Viewlogic further solidifies its
competitive position in EDA, which is based on providing design engineers
with access to the industry's highest performance, standards-based design
tools and methodologies to meet their increasingly complex high-level design

Chronologic Simulation's VCS simulator is widely recognized within the EDA
industry as providing the highest performance Verilog-compliant simulation
capability available.  According to Chronologic Simulation's performance
data, its VCS typically executes simulation programs 10 to 30 times faster
than first-generation Verilog simulators, and 3 to 10 times faster than the
current generation.  In addition, Chronologic Simulation uses as little as
one-tenth the amount of system memory, enabling the EDA system to handle
larger, more complex designs.  This increased performance reduces development
time for new products and significantly improves the accuracy of designs.
The Chronologic Simulation simulator is also fully compliant with the entire
OVI (Open Verilog International) Verilog-HDL language specification, enabling
designers to use all existing Verilog libraries, including ASICs and standard

Viewlogic will integrate the VCS simulator into its high-performance
Powerview design environment for UNIX-based workstations, and plans to make
Chronologic Simulation's technology available within its Workview PLUS
environment for PCs running Microsoft Windows.  By making plans to introduce
a PC version of the technology, Viewlogic aims to further expand the market
potential for Chronologic Simulation's products.

Viewlogic will also integrate the VCS simulator into its SimBus simulation
backplane, enabling designers to use both VHDL and Verilog-HDL models, as
well as other popular modeling standards, concurrently, to optimize IC and
ASIC designs and to meet full system-level simulation requirements.

VCS will be sold worldwide by both the Viewlogic and Chronologic Simulation
sales channels.

Consistent with Viewlogic's established merger model, Chronologic Simulation
will function as an independent subsidiary.  "Our philosophy is to allow the
technology companies that join our family to continue doing what made them
successful," Viewlogic's Hanover said.  "We can help them reach more
customers and fund further product development, which benefits Viewlogic and
the design community we serve."

Chronologic Simulation, the leader in high-performance Verilog simulators,
was founded in June 1991.  In 1993, Chronologic Simulation had approximate
revenues of $4.4 million and approximate net income of $700,000.  The
company's first product, VCS, is an advanced simulation environment based on
Verilog-HDL.  VCS was designed to provide an order of magnitude improvement
in simulation speed and capacity for pre-synthesis simulation models.

Founded in 1984, Viewlogic Systems Inc. is a worldwide supplier of electronic
design automation solutions.  Viewlogic's unique, standards-based OpenFrame
framework that allows engineers to create an open design environment, its
software for UNIX- and Microsoft Windows-based computing platforms, and its
broad range of support services together enable electrical engineers to
design state-of-the-art electronic products more efficiently, reducing
development cost and speeding time to market.  Viewlogic reported revenues of
$93.5 million and net profit of $12.4 million for 1993.

-0- Note to Editors:  Verilog is a registered trademark of Cadence Design
Systems Inc.


CONTACT:  Viewlogic Systems Inc., Marlboro
   Ron Benanto, 508/480-0881


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