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 SIGDA Gopher Server Available

For those who might be interested, the ACM SIGDA cordially invites you to
try out their SIGDA Gopher Server -

Gopher Name: SIGDA Gopher Server

Gopher Description: The SIGDA Gopher Server project aims at providing
information on items of interest to the design automation professional, such
as sources for useful (and sometimes free) DA Software, information on the
SIGDA and its activities, newsgroup archives, etc..  Areas for expansion of
this service are underway, and may include DA bibliographies, technical
papers, and more.  Comments, questions, and especially suggestions for
improvement are welcomed, and should be sent to the contact address below.

This Gopher server provides access to on-line information services available
from the ACM SIGDA (Special Interest Group, Design Automation).  This server
is maintained by the SIGDA as part of its continued service to its membership
and made available to the CAD community.

               Gopher Address: (
                URL: gopher://

           o ACM IEEE conference schedules with index search
           o Current ACM SIGDA programs
           o ACM SIGDA news
           o ACM SIGDA meeting minutes
           o CAD-related News Group Archives
           o CAD-related News Group FAQs archives
           o Links to other (gopher) information servers

Under Development: (Available, but being improved/expanded)
           o News group highlights
           o Technical papers in postscript with index search
           o CAD research from academic institutions with index search
           o Software list with index search
           o Parallel WWW (.html) pages

Planned Future Services:
           o ACM SIGDA newsletters
           o Call for papers with index search

Future Services Under Consideration:
           o Improved and expanded Technical Paper Archives
           o Bibtex-style abstracts and bibliographies from DALibrary
           o Links to academic institutions


The ACM SIGDA gopher is public, that is, anyone can access it if they have a
gopher client running locally.  Do you have a gopher client running on your
system?  Or Mosaic?  If so, you can 'gopher' into the SIGDA server without
being an ACM SIGDA member:

        gopher 70
        gopher:// (from Mosaic/WWW)
        gopher:// (for a Web page)


Please note that the Newsgroup Archives, Highlights, etc. on the server
include THIS newsgroup: comp.lang.verilog. Corrections to information,
suggestions for improvement and any resource information that you might care
to contribute (such as post-script papers or software availability, etc.)
would be very much appreciated.  Come take a look!

Thank you,

Sun, 20 Apr 1997 12:00:25 GMT  
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