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 circuit simulator

I'm currently undertaking a final year project that involves
simulating a logic circuit on computer.  It has to allow for
implementation in both CMOS and nMOS technology, and should give
graphical displays of all voltage input/output and current output
values for the circuit, which will be specified by a user via
a netlist of procedure calls, similar to those used in SPICE.

My supervisor however, is a total hardware specialist, and has no
idea what platform and programming language would be best for this.
Does anyone have any ideas? I know most common languages such as
C and Pascal, and I would prefer to carry it out on a PC, as I have
one at home.  Any ideas at all about ways to make this project easier
would be much appreciated.


gillian - mail at above address.

Tue, 22 Apr 1997 23:04:01 GMT  
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