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Formal Solutions for Static Verification: An ASIC and IC Design

Register at http://www.*-*-*.com/

Verification is the critical path for complex ASICs and ICs. Formal
verification tools are the foundation of a static verification

     Cuts verification time and cost and
     Increases verification coverage and quality.

Chrysalis technology integrates equivalence checking with model checking
the new Formal Design Rule Check tools to deliver the only complete

This seminar will cover:

     Static Verification Methodology
          What it is and how it is evolving

     Formal Design Rule Checks
          How they automate functional verification of logic design

     Formal Model Checking
          How it addresses block-level functional verification to reduce

simulation costs

     Formal Equivalence Checking
          How it replaces gate-level simulation to ensure accurate
implementation from
          synthesis and schematics to tapeout.

     Chrysalis Technology
          How it integrates formal tools to support static functional

Dates and Locations:

     Tuesday, May 18th at the Westin Hotel
     Santa Clara, CA

     Wensday, May 19th at the Best Western Gateway Hotel
     Rockville, MD

     Tuesday, May 25th at the Radisson Heritage Hotel
     Chelmsford, MA

     Thursday, June 3rd at the Radisson Governors Inn
     Research Triangle Park, NC


      8:30 AM
             Continental Breakfest
      9:00 AM
      9:15 AM
             Formal Solutions for Static Verification
      11:00 AM
             Demonstration of Formal Solutions

Register at http://www.*-*-*.com/
or call 978/436-9909.

Tom Jackson
Director of Corporate Marketing
Chrysalis Symbolic Design, Inc.
101 Billerica Avenue, Bldg. 5
N. Billerica, Massachusetts 01862
ph: 978.436.9909
fax: 978.436.9697

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