Parameter redef's 
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 Parameter redef's

> Here's a manual way of doing timing hazards: ( untested )

> parameter delay = 10;

> always
>   fork : hazard
>     begin
>       setup_hazard = 1;
>       #delay;
>       setup_hazard = 0;
>     end
>     begin

>       disable hazard;
>     end
>   join

> always
>   begin

>     if (setup_hazard == 1) $display("setup violation in %m");
>   end

I believe a more efficient (and readable) method of an equivalent
check would be:

parameter setup_constraint = 10;

    /* optional hold time check */

    if ($time - DATA_LAST_EVENT_TIME < setup_constraint)

(Note: the setup_constraint could also be defined as a "time" or "real"
 variable type if the user wishes to change its value mid-simulation)

It seems to me that this method does more of what the user intends.
i.e. when a rising edge clk event occurs, check if the last event
on DATA occurred less than setup time units ago, and if so report
the violation.

Unfortunately, both methods contain one minor flaw if a hold-time
constraint is also declared.  That is, if events on data and clk
both occur in the same time unit, it is ambiguous as to whether
a setup, hold, both, or neither violation will be reported.  This
ambiguity can be reduced by more complex methods which attempt to
order the timing checks within the time unit such that setup
constraints are checked at the beginning, and hold constraints
checked at the end.  (this causes a hold constraint violation only.)



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