Hudson, MA: Digital Semiconductor/DEC Job Postings ASIC designers 
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 Hudson, MA: Digital Semiconductor/DEC Job Postings ASIC designers

---  Digital Equipment Corporation - Hudson, MA
---  Looking to fill the following position(s):
---     - System Engineer/Architect
---     - System Verification Engineer
---     - Performance Modeling/Analysis Engineer
---     - ASIC Designer(s)
---  Candidates must be U.S. Citizens, or authorized to work in the U.S.
---  Please state citizenship or VISA status when applying.
---  Responses will not be acknowledged unless there is an interest. In
---  this case, the person will be contacted by phone.
---  Note: Hudson, MA is also looking to hire in other areas such
---        as VLSI Layout, VLSI Designers, and Graphics/Peripheral
---        chip designers so please feel free to send resumes if interested
---        in any of these positions also.
                                Who are We ?

The Digital Semiconductor Group within Digital Equipment Corporation is
responsible for the design and manufacture of leading-edge silicon which
includes the Alpha AXP microprocessors, core logic support chips & PCI
peripheral chips. We are constantly pushing the envelope of technology,
process & architecture which has allowed us to maintain our performance
leadership in the industry. We're looking for candidates who are forward
thinkers willing to explore the fringes of ultra-high performance.
                                Where are We ?

Equally important in considering job opportunities is LOCATION, LOCATION,
LOCATION. We are located in Hudson, MA on what we refer to as 'Silicon
Mountain' just west of Boston, MA off Rte 495.

Summer on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod & Maine. Enjoy the breathtaking Fall
foliage that 'is' New England. Winter on the ski slopes of Vermont & New
Hampshire. Enjoy historic Boston in the Spring with the running of the Marathon
& Patriot's Day festivities.

                                System Engineer

Looking for talented, self-motivated individuals capable of defining our
next generation high performance Alpha client/server based reference platforms.
You will work closely with CPU & core logic chip architects in analyzing
system design alternatives, prove architectural concepts and test advanced

Required skills include 5+ years System/Module design, signal integrity, Clock
distribution techniques, knowledge of PC systems and components, system
architecture (interrupts, arbitration, PCI, EISA/ISA bridges and compatibility,
familiar with Intel PC system hardware and software issues). Knowledge of
SMP servers a plus.
                     Performance Modeling/Analysis Engineer

Would need to develop techniques for evaluating & estimating design tradeoffs
and their impact to system performance. Work closely with chip architects
to quantify impact of cache sizes, organization & speed, Memory & I/O
latencies and bandwidth to help us maintain our performance leadership.
Develop/consult on hardware performance monitoring techniques for future
reference systems as well as to correlate data using benchmarks on reference

Required skills include 3+ years doing performance analysis and/or modeling
with knowledge of system level architecture.        
                         System Verification Engineer

Development of focused DVTs & system exercisors for chipset verification
on next generation Alpha reference platforms. Responsibilities include debug
plan development and implementation, system level logic simulation & firmware

Requires 3+ years verification background with knowledge of console, firmware
and OS(NT, OSF) code with good programming skills. Data Acquisition system
knowledge a plus.
                               ASIC designer(s)

Participate in the design process from concept to production of next generation
Alpha core logic chip sets which include Memory & PCI I/O functions. You would
be responsible for the microarchitecture development, behavior modeling, logic
verification, synthesis & timing verification of a section of an ASIC.

Requires 2+ years ASIC design experience with Verilog-HDL and Synopsys.
We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits and an environment that
supports creativity, open communication and team involvement. To find out more
about opportunities at Digital Semiconductor, submit your resume and salary
history, indicating position of interest to:

       {*filter*} MacDonough/Technical Employment Consultant
        MS: HLO 2-2/K12
        77 REED ROAD
        HUDSON, MA 01749

OR:   FAX#: (508)-568-4681

Tue, 22 Apr 1997 23:38:35 GMT  
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