Verilog 2.7 (Verilog-XL) Warning message 
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 Verilog 2.7 (Verilog-XL) Warning message


  I used $readmemb in my verilog code to read data that has more than
5000 "0" or "1" in one line.
The verilog 2.7 (Verilog-XL) gave the following warning message:

Warning!  Line 1 is too long in "../stm/test100.stm1"
          "scantest2.v", 32: $readmemb("../stm/test100.stm1", memory1);

Warning!  The contents of memory (memory1) have not been
          "scantest2.v", 32: $readmemb("../stm/test100.stm1", memory1);

  Can someone kindly tell me how to fix it?  Thanks a lot in advance.


Mon, 15 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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