Announcement and Second CFP: 2000 MAPLD International Conference 
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 Announcement and Second CFP: 2000 MAPLD International Conference

             Announcement and Second Call for Papers

                2000 MAPLD International Conference

                  Kossiakoff Conference Center
     The Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory
                    11100 Johns Hopkins Road
                   Laurel, Maryland 20723-6099

                      September 26-28, 2000

   The 3rd annual Military and Aerospace Applications of
   Programmable Devices and Technologies International Conference
   will address devices, technologies, usage, reliability, fault
   tolerance, radiation susceptibility, and applications of
   programmable devices and adaptive computing systems in military
   and aerospace systems. The program will consist of {*filter*}and
   poster technical presentations and industrial exhibits.  The
   majority of the conference is open to US and foreign
   participation and is unclassified.  There will be one
   classified session at the secret level, for U.S. citizens only.
   For conference information, please see the Programmable
   Technologies Web Site ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) or the
   conference www home page at:

   Abstracts are being solicited in all aspects of the use of
   programmable elements, devices, and systems for military and
   aerospace applications. These include: PALs, FPGAs, PROMs,
   Programmable Substrates, FPIC, Programmable Analog Circuits,
   adaptive computing systems and related technologies.

   Invited speakers for the conference include:

        Keynote Address:
        Henry Spencer - SP Systems
        "Faster, Better, but Most Important, Much Much Cheaper"

        History Invited Talk:
        Eldon Hall, MIT Instrumentation Lab
        "The Apollo Guidance Computer - A Designer's View"

        Dinner Speaker:
        Dr. Thomas Jones, NASA Astronaut Office
        "ISS: The Exploration Proving Ground"

        Lloyd Massengill, Vanderbilt University
        "Single Event Modeling on Emerging Commercial Technologies"

        AIAA Invited Talk:
        James Kinnison, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab
        "System Level Radiation Tolerance"

        contains abstracts for the invited speakers.  Several invited
        talks will be added as some details are being finalized.

   Conference proceedings will be published and will consist of all
   presentations ({*filter*}and poster) as well as written papers.  Papers
   may be submitted in one of two categories: "Select" or "Contributed."

   Select papers will be subject to a peer review and will be published
   in a special edition of the AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets as

   well as the conference proceedings.  Contributed papers will be
   subject to a less stringent review.

   We are again including tours this year.  Guided tours will be
   given at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the National Security
   Agency's National Cryptologic Museum, and the Applied Physics
   Laboratory.  For additional tour information, please see:

   Conference topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

     System on a Chip
     Advanced Devices, Technologies, and Software and Their
          Impact on Critical System Reliability
     Programmable Technologies and State-of-the-Art Devices and
          Programmable Elements
     Low-Power Design Techniques
     High-Speed Design Techniques
     Arithmetic and Signal Processing
     Adaptive Computing Systems
     Evolvable Hardware
     Radiation Effects, Device Reliability and Element
     Device Architecture, Performance, and Capabilities
     Applications and Novel Techniques for Military and
          Spaceflight Circuits.
     Use of COTS Devices in the Military and Spaceflight Environment
     Testing and Analysis Techniques
     Software Tools for Design/Analysis - HDLs, Synthesis, Design
          Entry Systems
     Translation from High Level Languages
     Intellectual Property
     Advanced Packaging including Known-Good-Die, MCMs, and
          Chip-scale packaging.
     Military Applications
     Aeronautics and Space Applications
     Encryption Systems
     Experience and "Lessons Learned" from Mission Experience

   The conference is sponsored by:

     NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
     JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory
     National Security Agency
     NASA Electronics Radiation Characterization Project
     Military & Aerospace Programmable Logic Users Group
     American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
     IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society (AESS)

   For more information see http://www.*-*-*.com/ or contact:

     Richard Katz - Conference Chair
     NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

     Tel: (301) 286-9705

     Alan W. Hunsberger - Conference Co-Chair
     National Security Agency

     Tel: (301) 688-0245

     Ann Darrin - Conference Co-Chair
     Johns Hopkins University
     Applied Physics Laboratory

     Tel: (240) 228-4952

     Tanya Vladimirova - Conference Co-Chair
     University of Surrey

     +44(0)1483 879137

   Abstracts should be approximately 2 pages long and are due
   June 9, 2000. Please send abstracts to

   attached file, please name the file in the following format:
   LastName_A.ext  - where last name is the name of the first
   author - e.g., Katz_A.txt.  Please include first author
   information (name, affiliation, phone number, and email
   address) as well as whether an open or classified presentation
   is desired.   Additionally, please specify whether you will be
   submitting your paper for a peer-reviewed publication or a
   symposium publication.  All abstracts should be unclassified
   when sent over email.  If you can not submit an unclassified
   abstract, please contact Alan Hunsberger.

   Industrial exhibit reservations should be sent to

   and contact information (phone and email). Please see

   for additional information.

   Technical Committee

   Ray Andraka              The Andraka Group
   Neil Bergmann            Queensland University of Technology
   Ben Cohen                Hughes Aircraft/Raytheon Systems Company
   Lew Cohn                 Defense Threat Reduction Agency
   Marty Fraeman            Johns Hopkins University
   Creigh Gordon            Air Force Research Laboratory/VSSE
   Sandi Habinc             European Space Agency
   David Hepner             US Army Research Laboratory
   Brad Hutchings           Brigham Young University
   Ralph Kohler             Air Force Research Laboratory
   Ken LaBel                NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
   Thomas D. Milnes         Johns Hopkins University
   John McHenry             National Security Agency
   Robert Reed              NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
   Michael Regula           Dornier Satellitensysteme GmbH
   Hans Tiggeler            University of Surrey
   Frank R. Stott           Jet Propulsion Laboratory
   Tanya Vladimirova        University of Surrey
   Jing Yuan                Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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