Announcing _Simply Scheme_ second edition 
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 Announcing _Simply Scheme_ second edition

Announcing the second edition of

        Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science
        Brian Harvey and Matthew Wright

This book is intended as a "prequel" to SICP for students who aren't
quite ready for that text.  (At Berkeley, we use SICP in our intro
course for CS majors, most of whom have had something like the Pascal
A.P. course in high school.  For the 10% without prior programming
experience, we recommend the course that uses our new book; the same
course also serves non-CS students who want an introduction to

New in the second edition:

        * The parts of the book dealing with higher-order functions
          and recursion can now be used in either order, as the
          instructor prefers.  (We like to do higher-order functions
          first, because we find that many students find recursion
          difficult, but other instructors disagree.)

        * Tree recursion on structured lists has been moved earlier,
          into the Lists chapter, so the Trees chapter (which defines
          an abstract data type for trees) is now optional.

        * Plus small changes throughout the book to fix wording that
          students found ambiguous.

Unusual features of our book:

        * We extend Scheme with Logo-like word and sentence data types,
          so that students can do symbolic programming without having
          to worry about the asymmetry of lists at first.

        * A very extensive explanation of recursion (five chapters!)
          from several points of view.

        * The substitution model is used -- no environments.  This works
          because we do everything functionally until the very end of
          the book, where we introduce mutation along with vectors, but
          still no assignment to variables.  (Yes, this is a limited
          view of Scheme -- but we expect our readers to read SICP next!)

Examination copies are available at the discretion of The MIT Press to
qualified instructors of appropriate courses. In order to process your
request we MUST have the following information:

Course title/enrollment/when offered/current text(s)/Mailing address

MIT Press books are availabe at bookstores or directly from the publisher.

Call toll free: 1-800-356-0343 or (617) 625-8569. Or write The MIT Press
Five Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142-1493, U.S.A.

Sun, 12 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 Announcing _Simply Scheme_ second edition

> Announcing the second edition of

> Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science
> Brian Harvey and Matthew Wright

And for those of use who bought the book in the last
few months?......

the modified chapters are available at .. which url?


Mon, 13 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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