The woes of Scheme macros - HELP! 
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 The woes of Scheme macros - HELP!

I was really fond of hygienic macro systems and the neat pattern
matching present in R4RS macros, until I tried writing some
non-trivial stuff in it.  The one thing which I'd like to do and which
none of the pattern-matching macro systems out there (i.e. R4RS,
syntax-case ...) seem to let me do is this:

On expanding a macro, I want to force the arguments of a macro call
within that macro to be expanded before expanding the outermost macro.

I'm trying to write a nicer version of Dybvig's define-structure-type.
It's ugly in Dybvig's system (all those syntax keywords), it's even
uglier with Clinger's explicit renaming, but it would look beautiful
with syntax-rules if I could factor out the macros that implicitly
generate new names into non-hygienic macros, and do something like this:

  (syntax-rules ()
    ((define-structure-type name field ...)
       (field ...)
       (structure-type-maker name)
       ((structure-type-accessor name field) ...)
       ((structure-type-setter name field) ...)))))

[ (structure-type-maker <name>) expands into make-<name>. ]

Unfortunately, (structure-type-maker name) doesn't get expanded until
it ends up as argument to define at which point Scheme royally screws
up in a totally unexpected way.

(BTW: Neither syntax-case nor explicit renaming will let me use
      structure-type-maker either, even though for different reasons

So, is there a way to get structure-type-maker expanded before
define-structure-aux gets expanded?  Any help would be much appreciated.

Please re-convince me Scheme macros are beautiful!

Cheers =8-} Mike

Mon, 14 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 The woes of Scheme macros - HELP!
I'm not sure if you'll find an answer (or if you already know
it), but  you may have a look at the brilliant book of
Christian Queinnec, Les Langages  LISP, chapter 9: Macrologie
, Intereditions,Paris 94

Mon, 14 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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