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 funky code

Check out the following Scheme code:
;save as
(define (init thisApplet)
  (main ()))
(define (main ShellArgs)
  (define win (java.awt.Frame. "Hello World"))
  (define quit (java.awt.Button. "quit"))
  (.add win "Center" (java.awt.Label. "Hello
  (.add win "South"  quit)
  (.addActionListener quit (Listener11. (lambda(e)
(.hide win))))
  (.pack win)  (.show win))
There's no need to use a Java compiler. Everything
is interpreted. It's not a trick. Try replacing some
of the Java APIs with any of the stand APIs, and
it'll still work. For more details check out:

Tue, 15 Apr 2003 10:48:26 GMT  
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