Function Libraries for Graphics and Operating-System 
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 Function Libraries for Graphics and Operating-System

We plan to use Scheme as a language for novice programmers. Currently we
use Pascal and we don't know how to program graphics application (such
as turtle graphics) in Scheme. Are there graphics libraries for scheme
around. We currently use XSCHEME under SCO-Unix and under DOS.

A second (related) question is how to get Scheme to call arbitrary
system functions (e.g. System Calls under JUNIKS or the famous INT21
under DOS).

Maybe my questions are a little bit too simple for this forum as I did
not dive very far into Scheme yet, but any help would be apreciated.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen               Klaus M. Fueller, Kassel

Sat, 30 Jul 1994 03:24:05 GMT  
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