tail recursion in Scheme 
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 tail recursion in Scheme

>        (define (count n)
>            (cond
>                ((= n 0) nil)
>                (else

                    (cons n (count (- n 1))))))


>  If I understand things correctly, this is a tail-recursive
>  function.

No, this function is not tail-recursive.  For this, the recusive call (the second branch of "cond") would have to be the last function call within "count". Since the result of the recursive call is an argument to another function ("cons"), "count" is not tail-recursive it therefore needs stack-frames for its recursion.

A tail-recursive version of "count"

  (define (count' n)
     (count-aux n '())

  (define (count-aux n acc-lis)
     (if (= n 0)
         (count-aux (- n 1) (cons n acc-lis))))


Mon, 25 Jul 1994 22:16:25 GMT  
 tail recursion in Scheme


> A tail-recursive version of "count"
>   (define (count' n)
>      (count-aux n '())
>   (define (count-aux n acc-lis)
>      (if (= n 0)
>          acc-lis
>     (count-aux (- n 1) (cons n acc-lis))))

The main problem here is that this tail-recursive count function
doesn't do the same thing as the original -- its result is a list
of integers in ascending order and the original produced a list of
integers in descending order.
                                --Andrew Koenig

Tue, 26 Jul 1994 03:53:13 GMT  
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