jacal1a6 symbolic math program released 
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 jacal1a6 symbolic math program released

This message announces the availability of JACAL release 1a6.

New in jacal1a6 are:

        * toploads.scm (*jacal-version*): Bumped from 1a5 to 1a6.
        * builtin.scm (abs realpart imagpart): added.
        * poly.scm (poly:cabs): added.
        * parse.scm: rewrote and moved to SLIB.
        * builtin.scm (parallel ||): operator added.
        * grammar.scm (jacal:found-bug): Added.  Used in hensel.scm for
        clauses which I have never observed to execute.
        * hensel.scm (u:factorsz): removed repeated sub-calculations and
        * hensel.scm (landau-mignotte-bound*2): Resolved confusion over
        formula by Monte-Carlo testing.
        * jacal.texi (Algebraic Commands): Documentation of `|' operator

        * hensel.scm (cilog): floored replaced with ceiling integer
        logarithm of y base b.
        (landau-mignotte-bound*2): Fixed according to ACA.  Now
        encapsulates all exact/inexact conditionals.  Added documentation
        of the Landau-Mignot bound.
        * vect.scm (determinant): Fixed long standing bug where
        determinants which should return zero instead generated
        "ERROR: car: Wrong type in arg1 0".
        * ff.scm (sqarefreeness-preserving-modulus): pulled out of
        (u:factorsz f1): Now calls univ:prem rather than poly:pdiv.
        * poly.scm (poly:prem): Merged with function from ff.scm.  Now
        takes var argument.
        * builtin.scm (mod): fixed.
        (jacal:modulus): added.
        * ff.scm (landau-mignotte-bound2): rewritten so that it does not
        require inexacts.
        * math.scm (set-handlers! cleanup-handlers!): No longer intercepts
        user-interrupt.  SCM now does a break(point) from user-interrupt
        * poly.scm (poly:valid? p): added to check variable ordering in
        * debug.scm (math:continuable-break-with-object
        math:break-with-object): added to facilitate operating on
        troublesome expressions.
        * builtin.scm (continue): added to work with breaks.

        * hensel.scm: fixed missing number->poly to convert result of
        poly:- to u:p/c argument.
        * ff.scm (hen:mhenseln correct-lcs): Fixed leading coefficient
        update problems.
        * ff.scm (correct-lcs): Fixed handling of repeated factors in
        the leading coefficient.
        * ff.scm (hen:mhenseln): Fixed bug by replacing delete with
        the non-destructive function del. Should delete be
        * ff.scm (poly:factorzpp): Removed extraneous and buggy ideal
        generation code.
        * ff.scm (uniques): Fixed
        * ff.scm (mri): Added Modified make-random-ideal to return
        unique numbers for each variable in the ideal and to accept a
        list of forbidden numbers.
        * ff.scm (poly:sff): Fixed special variable bug
        * ff.scm: Tidied up output formats
        (u:factorz): Fixed sign bug
        (poly:factorz): Added ability to handle non-primitive and
        non-square-free leading coefficients.
        * ff.scm (poly:factorz): Worked around a bug in GCL algorithm
        6.3 by extracting factors which are powers of a variable.
        * ff.scm (factorz): Replaced factorsz.
        (poly:factorz): Replaced poly:factorsz.
        (poly:factorsq factorsq): Removed.
        Incorporated squarefree multivariate factorisation.
        (poly:contz): Fixed sign bug.
        * ff.scm (poly:univariate?): Renamed from u:univariate?.
        (factorsz): Renamed from factormsz.
        (factorq): Added built in function.
        * ff.scm (ff:eea-gcd): Refixed
        (hen:mhenseln): Fixed leading coefficient bugs.
        (u:unitz poly:unitz): Added.
        (u:primz u:contz): Renamed from u:pp and u:cont.
        (poly:primz): Fixed.
        (unitz primz contz): Added built in's to obtain the unit,
        primitive and content of multivariate polynomials over Z
        * ff.scm: Fixed some bugs in multivariate factoring system.
        * ff.scm (poly:0-degree-norm): Fixed bug in poly:evaln by
        (u:evalp, u:evaln): Minor optimisations to.
        (poly->number):      Renamed from u:convert.
        * ff.scm (ff:eea-gcd): Fixed bug (I hope)!!!
        * ff.scm: Dealt with the leading coefficient problem.  Cleaned
        up the code.
        * ff.scm (unlucky?): Factored out test for unlucky
        homomorphisms into.  Cleaned up the code.
        * ff.scm (u:prime-power): Added.
        (ff:q-matrix): Fixed bug.
        * ff.scm (u:sff): Renamed from poly:sff.
        (poly:sff): Added.
        * ff.scm (poly:factorzpp): Dealt with unlucky homomorphisms
        and bugs.
        * ff.scm: Merged Aubrey's 18 April version of ff.scm with the
        changes I've made since last mail.The file now (in places)
        uses the prime number generator added to SLIB.
        (ff:sff ff:mnorm): Changes to multivariate stuff.

JACAL is a symbolic mathematics system for the simplification and
manipulation of equations and single and multiple valued algebraic
expressions constructed of numbers, variables, radicals, and algebraic
functions, differential, and holonomic functions.  In addition,
vectors and matrices of the above objects are included.

JACAL is written in Scheme.  A version of Scheme (IEEE P1178 and R4RS
compliant) written in C is available with JACAL.  SCM runs on Amiga,
Atari-ST, MacOS, MS-DOS, OS/2, NOS/VE, Unicos, VMS, Unix and similar

Documentation is included in the distribution.  Documentation is also
online at:

            http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~jaffer/JACAL.html

JACAL source is available via FTP (detailed instructions follow) from:

SLIB is a portable scheme library which JACAL requires:

SCM is a small Scheme implementation under which JACAL will run.

Programs for printing and viewing TexInfo documentation (which JACAL
has) come with GNU Emacs or can be obtained via ftp from:

Files in these directories with the ".gz" suffix are compressed with
patent-free gzip (no relation to zip).  The program to uncompress them
is available from

  ftp ftp-swiss.ai.mit.edu (anonymous)
  cd pub/scm
  get jacal1a6.tar.gz
  get slib2b1.tar.gz
  get scm5b1.tar.gz
  ftp prep.ai.mit.edu (anonymous)
  cd pub/gnu/jacal
  get jacal1a6.tar.gz
  get slib2b1.tar.gz
  get scm5b1.tar.gz

`jacal1a6.tar.gz' is a compressed tar file of the JACAL Scheme code.
`slib2b1.tar.gz' is a compressed tar file of a Scheme Library.
`scm5b1.tar.gz' is a compressed tar file of the C code distribution.

Remember to use binary mode when transferring the files.
Be sure to get and read the GNU General Public License (COPYING).
It is included in scm5b1.tar.gz and jacal1a6.tar.gz.

I sell IBM PC floppy disk sets with the source files, documentation,
and MS-DOS and i386 MS-DOS executables for $99.00.  To order, send

I am a guest and *not* a member of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.
      My actions and comments do not reflect in any way on MIT.

Wed, 27 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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