Property lists in MIT Scheme. 
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 Property lists in MIT Scheme.

   Date: 15 Dec 90 07:54:21 GMT
   From: Michael Richardson <!apple!!!v

     Now that exams have started, I've got around to compiling
   MIT Scheme (6.1.2, Microcode 10.2, runtime 13.91, sf 3.13). I
   discovered to my amu{*filter*}t that property lists seem to be absent.
   Okay, I says, is assq a primitive? Seems to be. No problem.

Property lists are available in MIT Scheme, with slightly different

    putprop             2d-put!
    getprop             2d-get
    remprop             2d-remove!

The names were changed because these property lists differ in some
important respects from those of Lisp:

* The keys can both be any object -- it not necessary that one be a

* The keys are not protected from garbage collection -- if one of the
  keys is reclaimed, the property is automatically removed from the

* The performance is somewhat worse -- two linear-time lookups instead
  of one.

     While grep'ing through the runtime code and microcode for
   references to property lists, I noticed a bunch of stuff on hash
   functions, etc... Is there, (already existing?) some code to do
   property list-like things using hash codes?

The hash-code stuff is used for hash tables, not property lists.

     I've read R^3S (quite awhile ago), but haven't haven't gotten
   TeX up so I can print off the R^4S included in the docs. There is
   a hacked up copy of one of them (I don't remember which) with the
   TI-Scheme 'manuals' in the CS labs. They actually don't mention
   property lists at all (that I remember).
     Were property lists dropped in scheme? Why?

Property lists were never part of the Scheme reports.

     On a somewhat related note --- I believe that there is a 6.2
   MIT Scheme no? Has anyone implemented the rational types? Does
   6.2 have them?

6.2 doesn't have rationals.  Release 7.1, entering beta test in a few
days, does.

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