Help to get MIT Scheme 7.3 running on HP700 
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 Help to get MIT Scheme 7.3 running on HP700

I got the following error after typing scheme untared from 700HP.tgz.
How can I update the database? Any hints?
Thanks in advance.

[bin]=299=> scheme
Scheme Microcode Version 11.146
MIT Scheme running under HP-UX
Type `^C' (control-C) followed by `H' to obtain information about interrupts.
The cache parameters database has no entry for the 9000/712 model.
Please make an entry in the database;
the installation notes contain instructions for doing so.

ASM_RESET_HOOK: Unable to read cache parameters.

Inconsistency detected within critical section "band load".

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Wed, 22 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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